Whatever The Yankees do on Saturday, Bet the Opposite on Sunday

The curious case of betting on the Yankees using the “opposite” pattern.

If you’ve followed me on twitter, you already know the old Sunday tweet during baseball season: “Whatever the Yankees do on Saturday, bet the opposite on Sunday.” It’s been a profitable approach. Why? It’s hard to say…is it a circadian rhythm issue amongst ball players? Too much party time in New York City? I don’t have an answer, but the pattern sure held true in 2016. Betting on the Yankees on Sunday to do the opposite of what they did on Saturday hit at a nearly .700 clip last baseball season: 18-8 to be exact.


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Whatever the Yankees do on Saturday, Bet the Opposite on Sunday


The whole “bet the opposite on Sunday” isn’t a bold claim – in fact, using just the 2016 season is a small sample size. So before someone tears this theory apart, know that I’ve been following this for the last 5-6 years with a certain level of success. Will it continue? Who knows. However the pattern hitting at a 70% clip over a 26-game sample size last season is far too high a percentage to just be a coincidence. It would be curious to see if the “bet the opposite on Sunday” phenomenon goes back to the Babe Ruth days….perhaps there’s someone out there with more time to spare than I have that can investigate. For now, I’ll continue to ride the “bet the opposite on Sunday” train in 2017.

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  1. TravisL says:

    Because my Saturday nights are so exciting, I ran the numbers using Baseball-Reference.com’s data. I didn’t go back to Babe Ruth’s days — even I have limits to my attention span — but I looked at 2000 to present. I excluded weekends with Saturday or Sunday doubleheaders. If one were to bet the opposite of Saturday’s result on Sunday, here’s the end of season records:
    2000: 13-9
    2001: 15-10-1 (NYY tied BAL 1-1 in 15 innings Sept. 30 (rain))
    2002: 15-11
    2003: 9-13
    2004: 12-13
    2005: 15-11
    2006: 13-11
    2007: 11-14
    2008: 9-14
    2009: 15-10
    2010: 15-10
    2011: 8-13
    2012: 13-9
    2013: 17-8
    2014: 10-15
    2015: 15-9
    2016: 17-8 (your numbers say 18-8; I can’t find the difference)

    Overall, last 17 years: 222-188-1, a winning bet 54.15% of the time. Seems like a sound strategy to me.

  2. The Vegas Parlay says:

    You’re the man Travis….thanks

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