Vegas Sports Book News – Golden Nugget Releases College Football Games of the Year

In just 2 short months, college football will kick off and the busiest betting season for Las Vegas sports books will officially begin. However, if you are visiting Vegas over the summer months, you can get your action early as the Golden Nugget’s tradition of releasing “College Games of the Year” several weeks prior to kickoff continues with a plethora of games available.

Golden Nugget Sports Book Releases College Football "Games of the Year"

Golden Nugget Sports Book Releases NCAA Football “Games of the Year”

The Golden Nugget, located on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, does a great job getting these lines posted while getting a jump on some of the other sports books in town. This is always a fun day for the hard core college football bettors looking for value. As for me, I’ll take Houston -3 on Sept. 15.

Golden Nugget Sports Book College Football “Games of the Year”

Sept. 10
BYU at Utah -3.5
Arkansas at TCU -4
S Carolina at Miss. State -9.5
Tennessee -13 vs. Va. Tech neutral site
Virginia at Oregon -17.5

Sept. 15
Houston -2 at Cincinnati

Sept. 17
Ohio State at Oklahoma -6.5
Michigan State at Notre Dame -6
Tex A&M at Auburn -5.5
Miss State at LSU -11
Alabama -6 at Ole Miss
USC at Stanford -6
Oregon at Nebraska pick
Florida State -3 at Louisville
UCLA -2 at BYU

Sept. 22
Clemson -12.5 at Ga. Tech

Sept. 23
USC -4 at Utah

Sept. 24
Stanford at UCLA pick
LSU -7 at Auburn
Georgia at Ole Miss -4.5
Florida at Tennessee -11
Wisconsin at Michigan State -3
WVU -2.5 vs. BYU

Sept. 30
Stanford at Washington -3

Oct. 1
Az State at USC -11
Tennessee at Georgia pick
UNC at Florida State -11.5
Oklahoma -8 at TCU
Texas at Oklahoma State -10
Wisconsin at Michigan -11.5

Oct. 8
Alabama -8.5 at Arkansas
LSU -7.5 at Florida
Auburn at Miss State pick
Tennessee -5 at Texas A&M
UCLA -4 at Arizona State
Texas vs. Oklahoma -12
Florida State -7 at Miami
Notre Dame -6 at North Carolina State
Wash at Oregon -2

Oct. 14
Miss. State at BYU pick

Oct. 15
Stanford at Notre Dame -3
Ole Miss -1 at Arkansas
Alabama at Tennessee -1
USC -3 at Arizona
Ohio State -6 at Wisconsin

Oct. 20
Miami at Virginia Tech -3
BYU at Boise State -6.5

Oct. 21
Oregon -7 at California

Oct. 22
Utah at UCLA -10
Texas A&M at Alabama -14
Arkansas at Auburn -3.5
Ole Miss at LSU -9.5
TCU at West Virginia -3

Oct. 27
California at USC -14.5

Oct. 29
Stanford -5.5 at Arizona
Arizona State at Oregon -12
West Virginia at Oklahoma State -10
Miami at Notre Dame -7.5
Florida vs. Georgia -3
Auburn vs. Ole Miss -8
Michigan -4 at Michigan State
Clemson at Florida State -3.5

Nov. 5
Oregon at USC -1.5
Florida State -15 at NC State
Florida at Arkansas -2.5
Alabama at LSU -2.5
Texas at Texas Tech -4
Nebraska at Ohio State -11
Navy vs. Notre Dame -13.5

Nov. 10
Utah at Arizona State -2.5

Nov. 12
Pitt at Clemson -15.5
Stanford at Oregon -3.5
USC at Washington -4
Miss. State at Alabama -15
LSU -7.5 at Arkansas
Auburn at Georgia -6.5
Ole Miss at Texas A&M pk
Michigan -4.5 at Iowa

Nov. 17
Louisville at Houston -2.5

Nov. 19
Oklahoma -9.5 at West Virginia
Ohio State -5 at Michigan State
Virginia Tech at Notre Dame -8.5
Arkansas at Miss. State -2
Ole Miss -11 at Vanderbilt
USC at UCLA -2.5
Oregon -3.5 at Utah
Stanford -10 at California

Nov. 24
LSU -6 at Texas A&M

Nov. 25
Nebraska at Iowa -1.5
Arizona State at Arizona -4.5
TCU at Texas pk
Houston -5.5 at Memphis

Nov. 6

Notre Dame at USC -5
Auburn at Alabama -15
Florida at Florida State -11.5
Georgia Tech at Georgia -13
South Carolina at Clemson -20.5
Michigan at Ohio State -3

Dec. 3
Oklahoma State at Oklahoma -9.5

Dec. 10
Army vs. Navy -12.5

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