Las Vegas Club – My “Lucky 7” Wish List

In recent years, Las Vegas Club was best known for the smell of hot ass, vomit, and Newports  – if you made your way through the casino over the past couple of years, it’s even money that you caught a whiff. Now however, one of the seedier joints in Downtown Vegas is heading towards a revamp as new ownership (Derek Stevens of the D and Golden Gate) has taken over. Las Vegas Club will be closed down for a period of time; my guess would be 18-24 months in order to allow a renovation of the property. In addition to its casino, the property also includes a 400-room hotel and parking structure, both of which have been shuttered for a couple of years now.

Farewell to the Las Vegas Club, Which  Looks Nice on the Outside

Farewell to the Las Vegas Club, Which Always Looked Nice on the Outside With the Look of an Entrance to a Ballpark with the Baseball Player Statue 

Interestingly, given Las Vegas Club’s sports theme, it hasn’t operated a sports book on the property for over a decade. A new sports book is one of many things I hope happen when the Las Vegas Club re-opens in the future. Some of the things on the list are whimsical at best, others are not. Given Derek Stevens’ previous success with Fremont Street hotel/casino properties that he’s transformed, I’m anxious to see what happens to the Las Vegas Club.

The Las Vegas Club Property Renovation – A “Lucky 7” Things I’d Like to See

  1. A sports book! A cool, old school sports book. It doesn’t have to be a large space or overly-fancy. Just a spot where Racing Forms are available (only the Golden Nugget carries Racing Forms on Fremont Street nowadays), you can buy a cheap hot dog, and get a beer or two comped if you are making sports or horse racing bets. 

  2. No more smell. The aforementioned hot ass/vomit smell is surely a thing of the past. Whatever sewage issue there was that former ownership let waft through the casino floor is surely a thing of the past.

  3. A second Sigma Derby machine. Imagine a Sigma Derby machine right next to the new sports book or perhaps right by the entrance to the casino? It would give degenerates like me a spot to bet an exacta at midnight once all of the sports and horse racing has concluded for the day.  

    Can Fremont Street Handle a Second Sigma Derby Machine?

    Can Fremont Street Handle a Second Sigma Derby Machine?

  4. A cool new eatery. The D and Golden Gate have places like American Coney and DuPars – hopefully this new spot on Fremont will have a fun, and of course tasty, food concept included in the new plans for the property.

  5. Keep the sports theme – at least to some extent. It’s unknown what theme the renovated hotel/casino will eventually have, but it would be a good thing if some kind of homage to the Las Vegas Club sports theme was included. Even if it is just in a section of the casino.

  6. The Five Hundy Bar! There’s the Long Bar at The D, Bar Prohibition at Golden Gate, why not name one of the bars at the new property after The Five Hundy by Midnight Las Vegas podcast? There are loyal Five Hundy fans from all over the world that would stop by for a drink, and better yet, the bar could be an automatic meet up spot for fans of the podcast. I’d go!  

    Here's Hoping Derek Stevens & His Team Hit A Home Run With the Las Vegas Club Renovation

    Here’s Hoping Derek Stevens & His Team Hit A Home Run With the Las Vegas Club Renovation

  7. Success. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Derek Stevens on a couple of occasions. He’s a very classy, down to earth person who loves Vegas and of course Downtown. If there is anything I hope, aside from some of the zany stuff listed above, is that the new and improved former Las Vegas Club enjoys massive success. I’m a betting man, and given Mr. Stevens’ track record, I wouldn’t bet against him and his team hitting another home run along Fremont Street.

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