Comped Drinks at Las Vegas Sports Books – Odds are Higher

Free Drinks at Las Vegas Sports Books – Odds are Higher

During my early experiences at Las Vegas sports books that began  over 20 years ago, free drinks flowed. Find a seat, and before even getting up to bet that parlay or trifecta, a cocktail server would be around asking you the refreshment of your choosing. No drink tickets, no having to show your betting slip – completely on the honor system.

Those times are long gone of course, but there are still ways to score free drinks at the sports book

I had a recent interaction on Twitter about this topic with fellow Vegas sports book enthusiasts and the feedback wasn’t encouraging. Hundreds of dollars in bets were resulting in only a few drink tickets. Worse yet, some indicated that even when tipping the ticket writers, things did not loosen up.

The Aria Sports Book was not too Kind to one Sports Bettor when it Came to Free Drink Tickets

The Aria Sports Book was not too Kind to one Sports Bettor when it Came to Free Drink Tickets














It is no secret that sports books are one of the least profitable gambling operations within the casino. However, they are still PROFITABLE and many of those same folks that stroll into a sports book are apt to hit a black jack table or throw a $20 bill in a video poker machine before they leave the casino. As you can tell, I am not down with this new level of “tightness” amongst Las Vegas sports books when it comes to free drinks, but there are still places in town that embrace comping the sports bettor. We’ve posted a list of Vegas sports books that are loose with free or comped drinks, however I’m afraid the next update I make to that list will be to eliminate a spot or two, not to add a new sports book watering hole.

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