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2018/2019 NFL 40-28-2

2018/2019 College Hoops 148-126-5

2019 MLB Underdog Plays:  No Favorites….Plus Money Line Only!

MLB Underdog Plays

April 19-29 (-857) 

May  20-24 (+202) 

June 6-13 (-504)           MLB: Based on 100 bet…..Trust the Process

Message to long time MLB underdog play followers: After several successful/profitable MLB seasons, underdog plays have not lived up to its usual standards. Adjustments are being made to get back on track and get those winners going for fans of The Vegas Parlay. Keep the Faith & Thank you.

6/17/19  Braves +125 run line    Orioles +200   Brewers +107

6/14/19  Phillies +130L   Mets +175L (run line -1.5)

6/13/19 DBacks +135 (run line -1.5)WIN   Dodgers +120 (run line -1.5)WIN   Rays +145 run line -1.5)L  White Sox +157WIN

6/10/19  Mariners +170L   Indians +175 (run line -1.5)L

6/9/19  Rockies +155L   Red Sox +110L

6/8/19  Marlins (1st 5 Innings) +135Tie   Pirates +160L

6/7/19  Rays +115WIN   Tigers +126L   Dbacks +119WIN

6/6/19 Reds +138L   Royals +132L

6/5/19  Reds +130rain   Rockies +105L

6/4/19 no action

6/3/19  Cleveland (-1.5 run line) +150WIN    Pirates +154L

6/2/19  Tigers +165L

6/1/19  A’s +145L

5/31/19  Pirates +115WIN    Braves (-1.5 run line) +110L

5/30/19  Yankees +140Rain

5/29/19  Phillies (Run line -1.5) +130WIN

5/28/19  Padres +170WIN

5/27/19  Angels +134L  Padres +122L

5/26/19  Tigers +165L

5/25/19  Orioles +165WIN   Red Sox +116L

5/24/19  Indians +125WIN     Astros +130WIN

5/23/19  Orioles +190L  White Sox +175WIN

5/22/19 Royals Game 1 +170WIN   Indians +112L

5/21/16  Reds +130WIN

5/20/19 Phillies +112WIN  DBacks +135L   A’s +162WIN

5/18/19  Tigers +115L   Royals +155L

5/17/19 Rays +106L   Rockies +109L

5/16/19  Phillies +170 (-1.5 run line)L

5/15/19 Angels +132L

5/14/19 Pass

5/13/19 Tigers (1st 5 inn) +145L   Angels +125WIN

5/12/19 White Sox +102WIN  Orioles +152WIN  Indians +108WIN

5/11/19 DBacks +110L   Dodgers -1.5 (run line)  +175L

5/10/19  Indians +150L

5/9/19  Pirates +130L

5/8/19  Rockies -1.5 +135RAIN   DBacks +152WIN

5/7/19  Marlins +148L   Reds +115L    Nationals (-1.5) +155L

5/6/19  Mariners +135L   DBacks +185L

5/5/19 No worthy underdogs today

5/4/19  DBacks +120WIN

5/3/19  White Sox +175L

5/2/19  White Sox +190WIN

5/1/19  Reds +167WIN   Nationals (-1.5 run line) +135L   Royals +130WIN

4/30/19  Royals +163Rain   Twins +155L    Mariners +135L

4/29/19  A’s +130L

4/28/19  Dbacks +105L  Braves +125 (-1.5 run line)L

4/27/19  Indians +125L

4/26/19  Reds +141WIN   Orioles +175L

4/25/19  DBacks +100WIN   Phillies -1.5 +110L   Yankees+100L

4/24/19  Mariners +160L

4/23/19  DBacks +110WIN   Phillies +125L   Tigers +200 (Game 1 Boyd)WIN

4/22/19 Rangers +135L

4/21/19  Nationals -1.5 run line +105WIN

4/20/19  Blue Jays +140WIN   Indians Gm2 +140 (-1.5)L   DBacks +127WIN

4/19/19  DBacks +155L   SFGiants (-1.5) +155L

4/18/19 DBacks +152WIN    Phillies -1.5 +140L

4/17/19  Brewers +150 (-1.5 run line)L     SFGiants +123L

4/16/19 Indians +145 (-1.5 run line)WIN    Angels +115L

4/15/19 Marlins +130L  Brewers +155 (-1.5 run line)Win

4/14/19  Reds +108L  White Sox +180WIN

4/13/19  Mariners +175L   DBacks +180 (-1.5 run line)L

4/12/19  Angels +159L  White Sox +200WIN

4/11/19  Marlins +155L

4/10/19  Pirates +160WIN  Brewers +130 (-1.5 run line)L

4/9/19 Blue Jays +215WIN   Royals +102L   Orioles +145 (1st 5 innings)L

4/8/19 Nationals +125L  Mariners +135 (-1.5 run line)WIN

4/7/29  Cubs +109L  Orioles +170L

4/6/19 Mets +123WIN   Dodgers +130 (-1.5 Run Line)WIN  A’s +126L

4/5/19  Marlins +140L

4/4/19  Nationals +124WIN  Royals +155 (-1.5 run line)L

4/3/19  Baltimore +145L   Rays +175 (-1.5 Run Line)L

4/2/19 Red Sox/A’s Over 7.5L   Underdog: Dbacks+106WIN

4/1/19 MLB: Indians -165WIN  MLB Underdog:  Marlins +120L  Brewers +110WIN

3/31/19  Hoops: Duke -1 (first half)L  MLB: Red Sox -140L  MLB Underdog: Angels +105L

3/30/19 MLB Nats/Mets UNDER 7L    Brewers -120 (first 5 inn)WIN    MLB Underdog Orioles +320WIN

3/29/19 MLB Cardinals -105WIN  MLB Underdog Tigers +117L   college hoops Duke -7L  Hou +2.5L

3/28/19 MLB:  Reds -110WIN   Royals/WSox Over 4.5 (first 5 innings) -110L   Underdog Play DBacks +155L

Sunday 3/24/19  Washington +12L   Houston -6WIN  Virginia -10WIN

3/19/19  Farleigh Dickinson -2WIN Belmont -3WIN

3/16/19 Oregon-1WIN   Wichita State +6WIN

3/15/19 Utah State -3.5WIN   George Mason +4.5L   Abilene Christian -4.5L

3/14/19  Utah State -13L

3/11/19   Iona -4.5WIN    College of Charleston +3TIE

3/10/19 Houston +2.5WIN  East Tenn State +6.5L   Lipscomb -6.5L

3/9/19  Belmont -3L

3/8/19  Pepperdine +5WIN  Toledo-9L

3/7/19  San Diego -13WIN   Temple +1WIN

3/6/19  Notre Dame +4WIN   Tulane +4.5 (first half)L

3/5/19  Alabama+3L  Michigan State-13WIN   VA Tech +4.5L

3/4/19  Kennesaw State +14.5 (first half)L

3/3/19  Creighton +7.5WIN   Illinois -5.5L

3/2/19  NC State +4 (first half)L Drake +4WIN Louisiana Monroe -5.5L

3/1/19  Liberty -4WIN

2/28/19  St. Johns -4.5L   St. Mary’s -19.5L   Cal +7 (first half)WIN

2/27/19  Nicholls State -4.5L    Georgetown -5WIN   Duquesne +3.5 (first half)L

2/26/19  North Carolina -11L

2/25/19  Notre Dame +7 (first half)WIN

2/24/19  Michigan State +4.5WIN

2/23/19   Colorado State -10WIN   Missouri +5.5 (first half)WIN   Abilene Christian -9.5L   Drexel -3WIN   St Mary’s -2WIN   Colorado +8L

2/22/19  Bowling Green -4L   Kent State +9 (first half)WIN   Davidson +1WIN

2/21/19  Hofstra -14L   Eastern Illinois +10 (first half)L  San Francisco +4WIN

2/20/19  Georgetown +6WIN    Michigan State -15.5L    N Iowa/Missouri St Over 122.5L    Utah St -14.5WIN    Lehigh -6.5WIN

2/19/19  Toledo -3L   Bowling Green -4.5L    Mississippi -2.5L     Vandy (first half) +11WIN

2/18/19  Wisconsin -9L

2/17/19   St. Johns +4WIN   Michigan State -12WIN  Canisius -6.5L

2/16/19  Duquesne -8Win   Louisville -4.5L   Fordham first half +6WIN    Ole Miss -8.5WIN

2/15/19 Toledo +4L

2/14/19   Hofstra -1WIN Citadel (first half) +10WIN. Southern Miss -3.5WIN Santa Clara +11.5WIN

2/13/19  NCAA Hoops Evansville +3.5L   Wake Forest +11 (First Half)WIN   Virginia Tech -11.5L   Utah State -20.5L   Cal State Northridge +5L

2/12/19  NCAA Hoops   Purdue -2L   Michigan State -1.5WIN

2/11/19  NCAA Hoops   Virginia +1WIN

2/10/19  NCAA Hoops  Holy Cross/Lafayette Over 136.5L   Siena +7WIN    Houston -4WIN    Oregon-5.5WIN

2/9/19  NCAA hoops Colorado State -5.5L    Nebraska +12L    UAB -10L    Belmont -10.5L

2/7/19  NCAA Hoops Houston -1.5WIN   Iowa +2.5WIN   Oregon State -7.5L

2/6/19 NCAA Hoops  Louisiana Monroe -2WIN    Notre Dame +3.5L

2/5/19  NCAA Hoops   Toledo -7WIN  Bowling Green -5.5WIN   Utah State -2L

2/4/19  NCAA Hoops Penn State +3.5WIN   Siena -4WIN   Iowa State -2.5L*

2/3/19 college hoops  Georgetown +11.5L    Creighton -6WIN     New Hampshire/Maine Over 120L    SUPER BOWL SELECTIONS AND PROPS CLICK HERE

2/2/19  Butler -5L   NC State -2.5L   Utah -3L    SMU +10.5WIN

2/1/19  Northern Kentucky -3L

1/30/19  St Johns +4.5WIN    Utah State -24WIN Fresno State -12.5WIN USC +8L

1/29/19  Tennessee -8.5WIN   Central Michigan -2.5WIN   Toledo -2.5WIN  Lipscomb/Liberty Over 138.5L

1/27/19  college hoops Iowa pickL

1/26/19 Nebraska -7L  Wisconsin -8.5WIN  USC -1WIN

1/25/19  Michigan -4.5WIN    Marist -2.5L

1/24/19  College Hoops   VMI +12L    Southern Miss +1.5L    Univ of San Diego -5WIN   Santa Barbara +1.5L     ASU/UCLA Under 157Tie

1/23/19  college hoops  Abilene Christian -1.5L    Wisconsin -4WIN      San Jose State +6L

1/22/19  College Hoops  Bowling Green +1.5WIN   Notre Dame -2.5L   Toledo -2.5L   Niagara -3L

1/21/19  College Hoops  Kennesaw State/Lipscomb Under 144.5WIN

1/20/19  NFL Rams +3.5WIN  Chiefs -3L    College Hoops Nebraska Omaha -5WIN   Iowa -7.5WIN

1/19/19  College Hoops  Drexel -3.5WIN   Indiana/Purdue Over 142.5L    Washington State PickL     SMU +3.5L     New Mexico -11.5WIN   Arizona -4.5WIN

1/18/19  College Hoops Toledo -8.5WIN

1/17/19  College Hoops   Drexel -4WIN   UNCW/Hofstra Over 153WIN   San Francisco-5L   UC Santa Barabra -1.5WIN

1/16/19 College Hoops  New Hampshire +17WIN   Campbell -9.5WIN   Iowa State +5.5WIN   UCF -2.5L

1/15/19  Nevada -7.5L   Fordham +7WIN   Bowling Green PickWIN    Virginia tech +8.5L

1/14/19  hoops  Siena -4.5L   Syracuse/Duke Under 145.5L

1/13/19  NFL  Chargers +4L  Saints -8L   hoops: Marist pickL   Oregon State -2.5WIN Oregon -4Win

1/12/19 NFL Colts/Chiefs Under 57WIN   Rams -7WIN   College Hoops Virginia -6WIN    Wofford -17.5L    Drexel +3.5L  Utah State -13WIN

1/11/19  Siena +3WIN

1/10/19 North Texas -5.5WIN   UT Martin +7 (1st half)Tie  Southern Miss -10L   Hampton -3WIN   Louisiana Monroe +7.5WIN

1/9/19  College Hoops Northwestern -2.5L    TCU +6L   Sam Houston +1WIN

1/8/19  College Hoops Toledo +9.5 L  Wyoming/San Diego State Over 135.5WIN

1/7/19  College Football Championship: Alabama -5L    College Hoops: Niagara +3L

1/6/19  NFL Chargers +3WIN   Eagles/Bears Under 42WIN    College Hoops  Northwestern -7.5L   USC -6.5WIN

1/5/19  NFL  Texans -1.5L  Seahawks +2.5WIN     College Hoops  Notre Dame +2L   Virginia -8.5WIN   Iowa State +1.5WIN

1/4/19  Buffalo -10.5WIN  Ball State/Toledo Over 150.5L

1/3/19  College hoops  Texas State -3Tie  San Francisco -2WIN   San Diego -6.5L   South Dakota -4L

1/2/19  College Hoops   Abilene Christian -10.5L  Iowa State -4WIN

1/1/19  College football Georgia -11.5L   College hoops Notre Dame +11L    Winthrop +1.5 (first half)L

12/31/18  College football Utah -6.5L

12/30/18  NFL  Patriots -13.5WIN   Chiefs -14WIN   College Hoops Oakland -4.5L   Lipscomb +6.5L

12/29/18  College Football Alabama -14L  College Hoops  Siena -5.5WIN  Toledo -5WIN   BYU +9.5L   N. Illinois +23.5L  Southern Miss +4.5L

12/28/18 College F ootball  Washington State -2.5L  College hoops  Drexel +13.5WIN    N Kentucky -9WIN    Louisiana Monroe +9 (first half)Push  Loyola Marymount (CA) -8.5WIN

12/27/18  College Hoops Creighton -19WIN     College football Temple/Duke UNDER 54.5L   Wisconsin +3WIN   Vandy -4 L       NBA Bonus plays  Celtics +2 L  Bucks  -14.5WIN

12/26/18 College Football   Ga Tech -4.5L  Cal pickL

12/25/18  College Hoops  Colorado/UNC Charlotte Under 134WIN   Bucknell +3WIN

12/23/18  NFL  Bengals +6 (first half)L   Bills/Patriots Over 44.5L

12/22/18 NFL Chargers -4L  College Hoops St Mary’s -2L    Kansas -3.5L   Bowl Game Hou/Army Under 57L

12/21/18  College hoops  Kent State +10WIN    Oregon +4.5L   Abilene Christian/Southeast Missouri State Over 134WIN   Vermont +7L    IDAHO POTATO BOWL   W Michigan/BYU  Under 52L

12/20/18 College Hoops Purdue -16WIN

12/19/18  College Hoops  Southern Miss +13WIN   Wofford +9.5L   St. Mary’s -12WIN                                                                                          (a 2 team money line parlay of So Miss +650/Wofford +400 pays 36-1 if you’re feeling frisky).

12/17/18  NFL Carolina +6.5WIN  New Orleans/Carolina Under 50.5WIN   College hoops SE Missouri State +15 (first half)WIN   Pepperdine +14L

12/16/18  NFL  Seahawks -3.5L  Rams -12.5L   Tampa/Baltimore Over 46.5L   Colts -3WIN  College Hoops Drexel +3WIN

12/15/18  New Mexico Bowl Utah State -7WIN    College Hoops SMU +5WIN   USC +9.5L  Oregon State -4L

12/13/18  NFL  Chargers +3.5WIN    College hoops Tulsa -12.5L

12/12/18  College Hoops San Diego/Oregon Over 138L    Hartford/Bryant Under 150.5L   Houston -3.5WIN

12/11/18 No Action Today

12/10/18 College Hoops Pacific -5.5WIN

12/9/18  NFL Patriots -8L  Bengals +15WIN    College Hoops Arizona +3tie  Washington State -11L                                   Fairfield/Old Dominion Over 132.5W

12/8/18  College hoops Toledo +3WIN    Harvard/Vermont Over 135.5WIN   Villanova -10.5WIN   Portland +1WIN

12/7/18  College Hoops   Nevada -3.5 (first half)L   UNC Greensboro -12.5L

12/6/18 NFL game bad….college hoops games bad….SoCal weather bad…be back with selections tomorrow.

12/5/18  College Hoops Nebraska -3.5L   N.Illinois -8.5WIN   San Diego+6.5WIN

12/4/18  College hoops  South Dakota State +3.5L   Campbell/Abilene Christian Over 139.5WIN

12/3/18  NFL  Wash/Phil Under 45WIN    College hoops Troy +20WIN

12/2/18  NFL  Jets +6 (first half)WIN   Chargers +3.5WIN    College hoops Illinois +7 (first half)L  UCLA-9WIN

12/1/18  College Football Ohio State -15WIN   Alabama/Georgia Under 64WIN   College Hoops Nevada -5.5WIN  Butler -3.5L   Oregon State -10WIN    Cal/St Mary’s Over 137.5WIN

11/30/18 College football Utah +5L   College hoops Niagara +7.5WIN

11/29/18 NFL Saints -7L   College hoops UCF -4.5WIN   Central Conn St/NC A&T Over 144.5L

11/28/18  College Hoops   Southern Miss -7L   San Diego +8WIN

11/27/18  College hoops   Nevada -4.5WIN   Northern Kentucky -4.5WIN  Temple/Mizzou Over 132WIN (that rhymes)

11/26/18  College hoops  Nebraska +3WIN   Murray State +9WIN   Stetson +8L

11/25/18 NFL   Seahawks +3WIN    Raiders/Ravens Under 42.5L    College hoops  Vermont -10.5L   Morgan State -3WIN

11/24/18  College Football Tulane -7L    Troy/Appalachian State Under 47WIN   Alabama -24WIN

11/24/18  College Hoops  St Mary’s -8.5L   Northern Colorado +16.5L

11/23/18  NCAA hoops  Fresno State +8.5WIN

11/22/18 College Football Miss St/Ole Miss Under 62WIN   NFL  Wash +7L   Lions/Bears Over 43L

11/22/18 NCAA hoops   UMass +3.5WIN   Abilene Christian -2.5WIN

11/21/18  NCAA hoops  Duke -6.5L  St. Mary’s +5.5WIN   Creighton/Clemson Over 144WIN

11/20/18 NCAA hoops Toledo +2.5WIN  Milwaukee -3.5WIN   Az/Gonzaga Over 154.5WIN

11/19/18 NFL Chiefs +3tie

11/19/18  college hoops Gonzaga -15L

11/18/18 NCAA Hoops  Penn +11L

11/18/18  NFL  Texans/Washington OVER 41WIN   Chargers -7L    Cardinals -5L   Cowboys/Falcons UNDER 50WIN

11/17/18 College Football   Ohio State -14L   Florida International -6WIN  Liberty +30L   Utah/Colorado UNDER 48WIN   Miss State -21WIN

11/16/18  NCAA Hoops Richmond -8tie  Georgia Tech -15WIN   New Hampshire +10L

11/15/18 NCAA hoops BYU -18.5WIN

11/13/18  NCAA Hoops  Hampton +7.5L

11/11/18 NFL  Lions +4 (first half)L    Falcons -3 (first half)L   Green Bay -10WIN

11/10/18  Liberty +24WIN   Colorado +6.5L   Ohio State -3.5WIN   Louisiana Monroe/So Alabama Under 62.5WIN

11/8/18  Wake/NC State Under 68.5WIN

11/5/18  NFL Titans +5WIN

11/4/18 NFL  Texans/Broncos OVER 46L    Chiefs/Browns UNDER 52.5L  Patriots -5WIN

11/3/18  North Carolina +6L   Wyoming  -14WIN

11/2/18  WKentucky/MTSU UNDER 53.5WIN

10/28/18 NFL  Steelers-8WIN    Seahawks/Lions Under 48.5WIN  Saints -1WIN    NYJets +6.5 (first half)WIN

10/27/18  Virginia -8.5WIN   Clemson -17WIN   Wisconsin/Northwestern Under  52.5WIN   Penn State -5.5WIN   So Florida +8.5L  Hawaii/Fresno State Under 60L    UAB/UTEP Over 49.5L

10/26/18  Florida Atlantic -3L   Utah/UCLA UNDER 55WIN

10/25/18 Virginia Tech -3L

10/21/18   Eagles -5L   Bears/Pats UNDER 49.5L   Chiefs -6WIN

10/20/18   Kentucky-11L  Rutgers +20.5WIN   Virginia/Duke Over 44.5L   LA Tech -22.5L   Auburn/Ole Miss Under 64WIN

10/14/18  NFL Chargers/Browns UNDER 47L   Bears/Dolphins OVER 40.5WIN   Seahawks -3WIN   Chiefs +3.5WIN

10/13/18  Illinois +10.5L   Florida International -2.5WIN   Florida/Vandy Under 50.5L

Bonus Evening Plays: Wyoming +18.5L   Wisconsin +10L    Colorado +7L

10/7/18 NFL Baltimore -3L   Falcons/Steelers UNDER 58TIE   Rams -7.5L   Jaguars/Chiefs OVER 48.5L

10/6/18  Tulane/Cincinnati OVER 48WIN   Colorado -2WIN   North Texas -27L   Wake Forest +20.5L

10/5/18 Utah State Pick WIN

10/1/18 Chiefs -3.5WIN

9/30/18  Raiders -3tie   NYGiants +3.5L   Texans/Colts UNDER 48L

9/29/18  Miss St. -7L    Liberty +7WIN    La Tech/N Texas Under 64WIN   USC -3WIN

9/28/18 Colorado -8WIN   Tulane +8 (first half)WIN

9/23/18 NFL  Wash/Green Bay Over 45WIN  NYGiants +6WIN  49ers +6.5L  Ravens -5WIN

9/22/18  Notre Dame/Wake Forest UNDER 60.5L   La Tech +21WIN   Oklahoma State -14L

9/21/18 Illinois +28L

9/16/18  NFL  Chiefs +5.5WIN   Lions +6WIN

9/15/18  Notre Dame -13L   Duke +6WIN   Missouri -5.5L   Florida International -3.5WIN  Miami (OH)/Minnesota UNDER 46.5WIN

9/9/18 NFL  Vikings -6WIN  Vikings/49ers Under 46WIN     Steelers/Browns Over 40.5WIN   Monday Rams -4.5WIN

9/8/18  Miss St.-7WIN  Michigan State -5.5L    Nevada/Vandy UNDER 62WIN    Wyoming +19.5L   Stanford -5.5WIN   Colorado +3,5WIN

9/1/18  Middle Tenn State/Vandy OVER 56WIN    Tenn/W Virginia UNDER 61.5L  Boston College -16.5WIN

8/31/18 Colorado -7WIN  Utah State/Mich St Under 52L  Stanford -13.5WIN Utah State +23.5WIN

8/30/18 NM State/Minn OVER 47WIN  Tulane +6.5WIN

8/25/18 Wyoming/Nm State Under 46.5 WIN 2019 MLB: 4-3 (+31)