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2018/2019 NFL 40-28-2

2018/2019 College Hoops 148-126-5

2019 MLB Underdog Plays No Favorites Plus Money Line Only!

MLB Underdog Plays 16-23 (-308)  MLB: Based on 100 bet…..Trust the Process

4/23/19  DBacks +110   Phillies +125   Tigers +200 (Game 1 Boyd)

4/22/19 Rangers +135L

4/21/19  Nationals -1.5 run line +105WIN

4/20/19  Blue Jays +140WIN   Indians Gm2 +140 (-1.5)L   DBacks +127WIN

4/19/19  DBacks +155L   SFGiants (-1.5) +155L

4/18/19 DBacks +152WIN    Phillies -1.5 +140L

4/17/19  Brewers +150 (-1.5 run line)L     SFGiants +123L

4/16/19 Indians +145 (-1.5 run line)WIN    Angels +115L

4/15/19 Marlins +130L  Brewers +155 (-1.5 run line)Win

4/14/19  Reds +108L  White Sox +180WIN

4/13/19  Mariners +175L   DBacks +180 (-1.5 run line)L

4/12/19  Angels +159L  White Sox +200WIN

4/11/19  Marlins +155L

4/10/19  Pirates +160WIN  Brewers +130 (-1.5 run line)L

4/9/19 Blue Jays +215WIN   Royals +102L   Orioles +145 (1st 5 innings)L

4/8/19 Nationals +125L  Mariners +135 (-1.5 run line)WIN

4/7/29  Cubs +109L  Orioles +170L

4/6/19 Mets +123WIN   Dodgers +130 (-1.5 Run Line)WIN  A’s +126L

4/5/19  Marlins +140L

4/4/19  Nationals +124WIN  Royals +155 (-1.5 run line)L

4/3/19  Baltimore +145L   Rays +175 (-1.5 Run Line)L

4/2/19 Red Sox/A’s Over 7.5L   Underdog: Dbacks+106WIN

4/1/19 MLB: Indians -165WIN  MLB Underdog:  Marlins +120L  Brewers +110WIN

3/31/19  Hoops: Duke -1 (first half)L  MLB: Red Sox -140L  MLB Underdog: Angels +105L

3/30/19 MLB Nats/Mets UNDER 7L    Brewers -120 (first 5 inn)WIN    MLB Underdog Orioles +320WIN

3/29/19 MLB Cardinals -105WIN  MLB Underdog Tigers +117L   college hoops Duke -7L  Hou +2.5L

3/28/19 MLB:  Reds -110WIN   Royals/WSox Over 4.5 (first 5 innings) -110L   Underdog Play DBacks +155L

Sunday 3/24/19  Washington +12L   Houston -6WIN  Virginia -10WIN

3/19/19  Farleigh Dickinson -2WIN Belmont -3WIN

3/16/19 Oregon-1WIN   Wichita State +6WIN

3/15/19 Utah State -3.5WIN   George Mason +4.5L   Abilene Christian -4.5L

3/14/19  Utah State -13L

3/11/19   Iona -4.5WIN    College of Charleston +3TIE

3/10/19 Houston +2.5WIN  East Tenn State +6.5L   Lipscomb -6.5L

3/9/19  Belmont -3L

3/8/19  Pepperdine +5WIN  Toledo-9L

3/7/19  San Diego -13WIN   Temple +1WIN

3/6/19  Notre Dame +4WIN   Tulane +4.5 (first half)L

3/5/19  Alabama+3L  Michigan State-13WIN   VA Tech +4.5L

3/4/19  Kennesaw State +14.5 (first half)L

3/3/19  Creighton +7.5WIN   Illinois -5.5L

3/2/19  NC State +4 (first half)L Drake +4WIN Louisiana Monroe -5.5L

3/1/19  Liberty -4WIN

2/28/19  St. Johns -4.5L   St. Mary’s -19.5L   Cal +7 (first half)WIN

2/27/19  Nicholls State -4.5L    Georgetown -5WIN   Duquesne +3.5 (first half)L

2/26/19  North Carolina -11L

2/25/19  Notre Dame +7 (first half)WIN

2/24/19  Michigan State +4.5WIN

2/23/19   Colorado State -10WIN   Missouri +5.5 (first half)WIN   Abilene Christian -9.5L   Drexel -3WIN   St Mary’s -2WIN   Colorado +8L

2/22/19  Bowling Green -4L   Kent State +9 (first half)WIN   Davidson +1WIN

2/21/19  Hofstra -14L   Eastern Illinois +10 (first half)L  San Francisco +4WIN

2/20/19  Georgetown +6WIN    Michigan State -15.5L    N Iowa/Missouri St Over 122.5L    Utah St -14.5WIN    Lehigh -6.5WIN

2/19/19  Toledo -3L   Bowling Green -4.5L    Mississippi -2.5L     Vandy (first half) +11WIN

2/18/19  Wisconsin -9L

2/17/19   St. Johns +4WIN   Michigan State -12WIN  Canisius -6.5L

2/16/19  Duquesne -8Win   Louisville -4.5L   Fordham first half +6WIN    Ole Miss -8.5WIN

2/15/19 Toledo +4L

2/14/19   Hofstra -1WIN Citadel (first half) +10WIN. Southern Miss -3.5WIN Santa Clara +11.5WIN

2/13/19  NCAA Hoops Evansville +3.5L   Wake Forest +11 (First Half)WIN   Virginia Tech -11.5L   Utah State -20.5L   Cal State Northridge +5L

2/12/19  NCAA Hoops   Purdue -2L   Michigan State -1.5WIN

2/11/19  NCAA Hoops   Virginia +1WIN

2/10/19  NCAA Hoops  Holy Cross/Lafayette Over 136.5L   Siena +7WIN    Houston -4WIN    Oregon-5.5WIN

2/9/19  NCAA hoops Colorado State -5.5L    Nebraska +12L    UAB -10L    Belmont -10.5L

2/7/19  NCAA Hoops Houston -1.5WIN   Iowa +2.5WIN   Oregon State -7.5L

2/6/19 NCAA Hoops  Louisiana Monroe -2WIN    Notre Dame +3.5L

2/5/19  NCAA Hoops   Toledo -7WIN  Bowling Green -5.5WIN   Utah State -2L

2/4/19  NCAA Hoops Penn State +3.5WIN   Siena -4WIN   Iowa State -2.5L*

2/3/19 college hoops  Georgetown +11.5L    Creighton -6WIN     New Hampshire/Maine Over 120L    SUPER BOWL SELECTIONS AND PROPS CLICK HERE

2/2/19  Butler -5L   NC State -2.5L   Utah -3L    SMU +10.5WIN

2/1/19  Northern Kentucky -3L

1/30/19  St Johns +4.5WIN    Utah State -24WIN Fresno State -12.5WIN USC +8L

1/29/19  Tennessee -8.5WIN   Central Michigan -2.5WIN   Toledo -2.5WIN  Lipscomb/Liberty Over 138.5L

1/27/19  college hoops Iowa pickL

1/26/19 Nebraska -7L  Wisconsin -8.5WIN  USC -1WIN

1/25/19  Michigan -4.5WIN    Marist -2.5L

1/24/19  College Hoops   VMI +12L    Southern Miss +1.5L    Univ of San Diego -5WIN   Santa Barbara +1.5L     ASU/UCLA Under 157Tie

1/23/19  college hoops  Abilene Christian -1.5L    Wisconsin -4WIN      San Jose State +6L

1/22/19  College Hoops  Bowling Green +1.5WIN   Notre Dame -2.5L   Toledo -2.5L   Niagara -3L

1/21/19  College Hoops  Kennesaw State/Lipscomb Under 144.5WIN

1/20/19  NFL Rams +3.5WIN  Chiefs -3L    College Hoops Nebraska Omaha -5WIN   Iowa -7.5WIN

1/19/19  College Hoops  Drexel -3.5WIN   Indiana/Purdue Over 142.5L    Washington State PickL     SMU +3.5L     New Mexico -11.5WIN   Arizona -4.5WIN

1/18/19  College Hoops Toledo -8.5WIN

1/17/19  College Hoops   Drexel -4WIN   UNCW/Hofstra Over 153WIN   San Francisco-5L   UC Santa Barabra -1.5WIN

1/16/19 College Hoops  New Hampshire +17WIN   Campbell -9.5WIN   Iowa State +5.5WIN   UCF -2.5L

1/15/19  Nevada -7.5L   Fordham +7WIN   Bowling Green PickWIN    Virginia tech +8.5L

1/14/19  hoops  Siena -4.5L   Syracuse/Duke Under 145.5L

1/13/19  NFL  Chargers +4L  Saints -8L   hoops: Marist pickL   Oregon State -2.5WIN Oregon -4Win

1/12/19 NFL Colts/Chiefs Under 57WIN   Rams -7WIN   College Hoops Virginia -6WIN    Wofford -17.5L    Drexel +3.5L  Utah State -13WIN

1/11/19  Siena +3WIN

1/10/19 North Texas -5.5WIN   UT Martin +7 (1st half)Tie  Southern Miss -10L   Hampton -3WIN   Louisiana Monroe +7.5WIN

1/9/19  College Hoops Northwestern -2.5L    TCU +6L   Sam Houston +1WIN

1/8/19  College Hoops Toledo +9.5 L  Wyoming/San Diego State Over 135.5WIN

1/7/19  College Football Championship: Alabama -5L    College Hoops: Niagara +3L

1/6/19  NFL Chargers +3WIN   Eagles/Bears Under 42WIN    College Hoops  Northwestern -7.5L   USC -6.5WIN

1/5/19  NFL  Texans -1.5L  Seahawks +2.5WIN     College Hoops  Notre Dame +2L   Virginia -8.5WIN   Iowa State +1.5WIN

1/4/19  Buffalo -10.5WIN  Ball State/Toledo Over 150.5L

1/3/19  College hoops  Texas State -3Tie  San Francisco -2WIN   San Diego -6.5L   South Dakota -4L

1/2/19  College Hoops   Abilene Christian -10.5L  Iowa State -4WIN

1/1/19  College football Georgia -11.5L   College hoops Notre Dame +11L    Winthrop +1.5 (first half)L

12/31/18  College football Utah -6.5L

12/30/18  NFL  Patriots -13.5WIN   Chiefs -14WIN   College Hoops Oakland -4.5L   Lipscomb +6.5L

12/29/18  College Football Alabama -14L  College Hoops  Siena -5.5WIN  Toledo -5WIN   BYU +9.5L   N. Illinois +23.5L  Southern Miss +4.5L

12/28/18 College F ootball  Washington State -2.5L  College hoops  Drexel +13.5WIN    N Kentucky -9WIN    Louisiana Monroe +9 (first half)Push  Loyola Marymount (CA) -8.5WIN

12/27/18  College Hoops Creighton -19WIN     College football Temple/Duke UNDER 54.5L   Wisconsin +3WIN   Vandy -4 L       NBA Bonus plays  Celtics +2 L  Bucks  -14.5WIN

12/26/18 College Football   Ga Tech -4.5L  Cal pickL

12/25/18  College Hoops  Colorado/UNC Charlotte Under 134WIN   Bucknell +3WIN

12/23/18  NFL  Bengals +6 (first half)L   Bills/Patriots Over 44.5L

12/22/18 NFL Chargers -4L  College Hoops St Mary’s -2L    Kansas -3.5L   Bowl Game Hou/Army Under 57L

12/21/18  College hoops  Kent State +10WIN    Oregon +4.5L   Abilene Christian/Southeast Missouri State Over 134WIN   Vermont +7L    IDAHO POTATO BOWL   W Michigan/BYU  Under 52L

12/20/18 College Hoops Purdue -16WIN

12/19/18  College Hoops  Southern Miss +13WIN   Wofford +9.5L   St. Mary’s -12WIN                                                                                          (a 2 team money line parlay of So Miss +650/Wofford +400 pays 36-1 if you’re feeling frisky).

12/17/18  NFL Carolina +6.5WIN  New Orleans/Carolina Under 50.5WIN   College hoops SE Missouri State +15 (first half)WIN   Pepperdine +14L

12/16/18  NFL  Seahawks -3.5L  Rams -12.5L   Tampa/Baltimore Over 46.5L   Colts -3WIN  College Hoops Drexel +3WIN

12/15/18  New Mexico Bowl Utah State -7WIN    College Hoops SMU +5WIN   USC +9.5L  Oregon State -4L

12/13/18  NFL  Chargers +3.5WIN    College hoops Tulsa -12.5L

12/12/18  College Hoops San Diego/Oregon Over 138L    Hartford/Bryant Under 150.5L   Houston -3.5WIN

12/11/18 No Action Today

12/10/18 College Hoops Pacific -5.5WIN

12/9/18  NFL Patriots -8L  Bengals +15WIN    College Hoops Arizona +3tie  Washington State -11L                                   Fairfield/Old Dominion Over 132.5W

12/8/18  College hoops Toledo +3WIN    Harvard/Vermont Over 135.5WIN   Villanova -10.5WIN   Portland +1WIN

12/7/18  College Hoops   Nevada -3.5 (first half)L   UNC Greensboro -12.5L

12/6/18 NFL game bad….college hoops games bad….SoCal weather bad…be back with selections tomorrow.

12/5/18  College Hoops Nebraska -3.5L   N.Illinois -8.5WIN   San Diego+6.5WIN

12/4/18  College hoops  South Dakota State +3.5L   Campbell/Abilene Christian Over 139.5WIN

12/3/18  NFL  Wash/Phil Under 45WIN    College hoops Troy +20WIN

12/2/18  NFL  Jets +6 (first half)WIN   Chargers +3.5WIN    College hoops Illinois +7 (first half)L  UCLA-9WIN

12/1/18  College Football Ohio State -15WIN   Alabama/Georgia Under 64WIN   College Hoops Nevada -5.5WIN  Butler -3.5L   Oregon State -10WIN    Cal/St Mary’s Over 137.5WIN

11/30/18 College football Utah +5L   College hoops Niagara +7.5WIN

11/29/18 NFL Saints -7L   College hoops UCF -4.5WIN   Central Conn St/NC A&T Over 144.5L

11/28/18  College Hoops   Southern Miss -7L   San Diego +8WIN

11/27/18  College hoops   Nevada -4.5WIN   Northern Kentucky -4.5WIN  Temple/Mizzou Over 132WIN (that rhymes)

11/26/18  College hoops  Nebraska +3WIN   Murray State +9WIN   Stetson +8L

11/25/18 NFL   Seahawks +3WIN    Raiders/Ravens Under 42.5L    College hoops  Vermont -10.5L   Morgan State -3WIN

11/24/18  College Football Tulane -7L    Troy/Appalachian State Under 47WIN   Alabama -24WIN

11/24/18  College Hoops  St Mary’s -8.5L   Northern Colorado +16.5L

11/23/18  NCAA hoops  Fresno State +8.5WIN

11/22/18 College Football Miss St/Ole Miss Under 62WIN   NFL  Wash +7L   Lions/Bears Over 43L

11/22/18 NCAA hoops   UMass +3.5WIN   Abilene Christian -2.5WIN

11/21/18  NCAA hoops  Duke -6.5L  St. Mary’s +5.5WIN   Creighton/Clemson Over 144WIN

11/20/18 NCAA hoops Toledo +2.5WIN  Milwaukee -3.5WIN   Az/Gonzaga Over 154.5WIN

11/19/18 NFL Chiefs +3tie

11/19/18  college hoops Gonzaga -15L

11/18/18 NCAA Hoops  Penn +11L

11/18/18  NFL  Texans/Washington OVER 41WIN   Chargers -7L    Cardinals -5L   Cowboys/Falcons UNDER 50WIN

11/17/18 College Football   Ohio State -14L   Florida International -6WIN  Liberty +30L   Utah/Colorado UNDER 48WIN   Miss State -21WIN

11/16/18  NCAA Hoops Richmond -8tie  Georgia Tech -15WIN   New Hampshire +10L

11/15/18 NCAA hoops BYU -18.5WIN

11/13/18  NCAA Hoops  Hampton +7.5L

11/11/18 NFL  Lions +4 (first half)L    Falcons -3 (first half)L   Green Bay -10WIN

11/10/18  Liberty +24WIN   Colorado +6.5L   Ohio State -3.5WIN   Louisiana Monroe/So Alabama Under 62.5WIN

11/8/18  Wake/NC State Under 68.5WIN

11/5/18  NFL Titans +5WIN

11/4/18 NFL  Texans/Broncos OVER 46L    Chiefs/Browns UNDER 52.5L  Patriots -5WIN

11/3/18  North Carolina +6L   Wyoming  -14WIN

11/2/18  WKentucky/MTSU UNDER 53.5WIN

10/28/18 NFL  Steelers-8WIN    Seahawks/Lions Under 48.5WIN  Saints -1WIN    NYJets +6.5 (first half)WIN

10/27/18  Virginia -8.5WIN   Clemson -17WIN   Wisconsin/Northwestern Under  52.5WIN   Penn State -5.5WIN   So Florida +8.5L  Hawaii/Fresno State Under 60L    UAB/UTEP Over 49.5L

10/26/18  Florida Atlantic -3L   Utah/UCLA UNDER 55WIN

10/25/18 Virginia Tech -3L

10/21/18   Eagles -5L   Bears/Pats UNDER 49.5L   Chiefs -6WIN

10/20/18   Kentucky-11L  Rutgers +20.5WIN   Virginia/Duke Over 44.5L   LA Tech -22.5L   Auburn/Ole Miss Under 64WIN

10/14/18  NFL Chargers/Browns UNDER 47L   Bears/Dolphins OVER 40.5WIN   Seahawks -3WIN   Chiefs +3.5WIN

10/13/18  Illinois +10.5L   Florida International -2.5WIN   Florida/Vandy Under 50.5L

Bonus Evening Plays: Wyoming +18.5L   Wisconsin +10L    Colorado +7L

10/7/18 NFL Baltimore -3L   Falcons/Steelers UNDER 58TIE   Rams -7.5L   Jaguars/Chiefs OVER 48.5L

10/6/18  Tulane/Cincinnati OVER 48WIN   Colorado -2WIN   North Texas -27L   Wake Forest +20.5L

10/5/18 Utah State Pick WIN

10/1/18 Chiefs -3.5WIN

9/30/18  Raiders -3tie   NYGiants +3.5L   Texans/Colts UNDER 48L

9/29/18  Miss St. -7L    Liberty +7WIN    La Tech/N Texas Under 64WIN   USC -3WIN

9/28/18 Colorado -8WIN   Tulane +8 (first half)WIN

9/23/18 NFL  Wash/Green Bay Over 45WIN  NYGiants +6WIN  49ers +6.5L  Ravens -5WIN

9/22/18  Notre Dame/Wake Forest UNDER 60.5L   La Tech +21WIN   Oklahoma State -14L

9/21/18 Illinois +28L

9/16/18  NFL  Chiefs +5.5WIN   Lions +6WIN

9/15/18  Notre Dame -13L   Duke +6WIN   Missouri -5.5L   Florida International -3.5WIN  Miami (OH)/Minnesota UNDER 46.5WIN

9/9/18 NFL  Vikings -6WIN  Vikings/49ers Under 46WIN     Steelers/Browns Over 40.5WIN   Monday Rams -4.5WIN

9/8/18  Miss St.-7WIN  Michigan State -5.5L    Nevada/Vandy UNDER 62WIN    Wyoming +19.5L   Stanford -5.5WIN   Colorado +3,5WIN

9/1/18  Middle Tenn State/Vandy OVER 56WIN    Tenn/W Virginia UNDER 61.5L  Boston College -16.5WIN

8/31/18 Colorado -7WIN  Utah State/Mich St Under 52L  Stanford -13.5WIN Utah State +23.5WIN

8/30/18 NM State/Minn OVER 47WIN  Tulane +6.5WIN

8/25/18 Wyoming/Nm State Under 46.5 WIN 2019 MLB: 4-3 (+31)