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2022 MLB ROI: +1506 (based on $100 bet)

2022 College Football: 27-16 ATS (63%)

2022/2023 College Hoops: 105-111 (49%)

College Hoops. 1/26/23. Appalachian State -6   Coastal Carolina +12   UTSA +19.5  UCLA -4.5  LB State -4.5  Arizona -4.5.    

College Hoops 1/25/23   Western Carolina -7L   UNC Greensboro -16L  Furman -4.5L   Maryland BC -5L   Miss State +11.5WIN   Creighton-10.5WIN   

College Hoops 1/24/23. Fla state +3.5 (MGM)L  NC State -9L UNLV -5.5WIN San Jose State -3.5WIN  Illinois-Chi+13WIN

College Hoops 1/22/23  Wisconsin +2.5WIN  Colgate -7.5WIN  Norfolk State -6L  Nevada -3.5L

College Hoops 1/21/23   Stony Brook +7   Maryland BC -7   Iowa +3. Virginia -2.5   NCarolina AT +2  St Bonaventure -1.5  App State +4.5  Utah Tech -2

College Hoops. 1/20/23  Kent State -8WIN  Buffalo +5L   New Mex -2.5L

College Hoops 1/19/23  William & Mary +5.5L  UNC Greensboro-13.5L   Jacksonville +7L    TexRGV +5L   Cal State Fullerton +4L  

College Hoops 1/18/23 Furman +1WIN   Bradley +2.5WIN  Xavier -8.5L   Utah Tech +13WIN    Cal +8.5L  

College Hoops 1/17/23  Bowling Green +6.5L  Valparaiso -3WIN   Evansville +18WIN    Nevada +5.5L   Air Force -4WIN    Baylor +2.5WIN

College Hoops 1/16/23. Charlotte -7L  Montana -4.5L  CS Northridge +16.5WIN

College Hoops 1/15/23  Western +4.5L  Rutgers -3.5WIN  Iowa -5.5WIN

College Hoops 1/14/23  Drexel +1.5   Charlotte -15   Troy -1   Long Beach State +8

College Hoops 1/12/23  Lamar +11WIN   Tenn Martin +3.5WIN   Utah Tech +2.5L  Northwestern State -8WIN   

College Hoops 1/11/23   Duquesne -3WIN   Missouri State -4L   Western KY +10.5WIN   Florida Atl -10L  

College Hoops  Fordham +7.5L   Nevada +9.5WIN  Utah State -10WIN   San Jose State -2.5WIN  Kansas State -5WIN  

College Hoops Alabama State v Alcorn State Under 142L Prairie View AM -3.5L       

College Hoops. 1/8/23 Indiana -6.5L   Iowa +5.5WIN  New Hampshire +9.5L   North Kentucky -5L  

College Hoops 1/7/23  Hofstra -6WIN   Chattanooga -16.5L  E Illinois +8.5L  UC Santa Barbara -7L San Jose State +2L    

College Hoops 1/6/23 Niagara +3.5WIN  Yale -16.5L  

College Hoops 1/5/23. Charlotte -4.5L.  Western Illinois -4L  Oregon State +13.5L  

College Hoops 1/4/23  Western Carolina +6.5WIN   St. Bonaventure PkWIN   Duquesne -1WIN    Davidson -4WIN    UNC Greensboro-1WIN   Furman -15.5WIN   Duke -4.5L   Butler -7.5WIN   Colorado State +4.5L

College Hoops  1/3/23  Akron -14.5WIN   New Mex -4L   Toledo -8L   Air Force +8L    San Jose State +10WIN

College Hoops 1/2/23 Canisius -2.5L  E Kentucky +6WIN    Rutgers +8.5WIN   Jacksonville -5WIN  Lafayette -1L  

College Hoops 12/30/22. Quinnipiac -3.5L  Michigan State -15WIN  Marist +5L  SE Louisiana  +15.5L  

College Hoops 12/29/22. San Francisco +3L  Stanford -2L

College Hoops 12/28/22.  Nevada -2tie  Houston -20WIN  Virginia -27.5L  Air Force +17.5WIN 

College Hoops 12/27/22 Texas AM -15.5L  S Carolina State +31.5L  

College Hoops. 12/25/22. Iona -6WIN  Utah State -3.5WIN Hawaii -4L  

College Hoops 12/23/22 George Mason -12WIN Iona -8.5WIN  Bucknell +11.5 (first half)L  Indiana -19L Utah State -12L  George Washington +3.5L

College Hoops  Ark Little Rock +5.5WIN    San Diego -4L    Akron +5L    West Virginia -26.5L   North Carolina AT +11.5WIN   Kent State -6.5L

College Hoops  Tulsa +9.5L   Bellarmine -3.5L   

College Hoops Maryland Eastern Shore +16WIN   NC Central -6.5WIN   Arizona -21tie   Virginia -3L   San Jose State -6WIN   Cal State Bakersfield +6L       

College Hoops 12/19/22   Maine +12.5L  Liberty -11.5WIN   Holy Cross/New Hampshire Under 131.5L   Texas AM Commerce +9.5L  

College Hoops 12/18/22  Air Force -2.5WIN  Oakland +19.5L  Arizona State -10.5WIN  Baylor -10.5L

College Hoops 12/17/22 Towson -5.5L   N Florida +14.5L   Lamar +9.5L   N Illinois +18L  Richmond +2.5L  Arizona -3.5WIN UCLA -2WIN

College Hoops 12/16/22  Cal Poly -5.5L  Creighton +3.5L

College Hoops 12/15/22 Chattanooga +5.5WIN

College Hoops Long Beach State +12WIN

College Hoops 12/13/22. Memphis +8WIN  Port State/Santa Clara Under 155.5WIN

College Hoops 12/12/22  Sacred Heart -1.5L   South Florida +3.5WIN   Creighton -3L    New Mexico -4L

College Hoops 12/11 22  Jackson State +14.5WIN  Bryant -8.5L  Indiana State -6.5L Miss St/Minn Under 128.5WIN

College Hoops 12/10/22  Lafayette +8L  Ga Southern +5.5WIN  Furman -13.5WIN  UAB +6L 

College Hoops 12/9/22 Bryant -12WIN  

College Hoops 12/8/22   St Thomas +7.5L   Michigan -4.5WIN  

College Hoops 12/7/22  Jacksonville +8WIN   Cal Baptist -8WIN   Clemson -7L    SMU +5L    NJIT +8.5WIN   Denver +6.5WIN 

College Hoops 12/6/22 Oakland +16.5L   Texas AM Commerce +12L  Marquette -19L   

College Hoops 12/5/22 North Dakota State +14.5 WIN  Long Island +15.5L

College Hoops 12/4/22 Michigan State -6L   Florida Gulf Coast -7.5WIN   

College Football 12/2/22  Akron/Buffalo Over 55tie  North Texas +8.5L  Utah +3WIN  College Hoops 12/2/22 Mercer -4.5L E Kentucky +8(first half)L  Southern +9.5L

College Hoops 12/1/22 Arizona State +4.5WIN  UCLA -6.5WIN

College Hoops  11/30/22 W Michigan +18L   Hofstra +3.5L  Central Ark +13L   

College Hoops  11/29/22  Old Dominion +6.5L   South Carolina State +17.5WIN

College Hoops 11/28/22 Pacific -7L  Troy +16WIN   

College Hoops 11/27/22 UNC Wilmington +8.5WIN

College Hoops 11/26/22   Northern Iowa -11L North Carolina Central +2WIN Louisiana LafayetteL +8   College Football 11/26/22 SMU -4.5L Houston -13L

College Hoops 11/25/22  Stanford -6WIN   Quinnipiac +6WIN    William & Mary +13.5L  Purdue +6.5WIN

College Hoops 11/24/22  Vanderbilt -4WIN  Xavier -1WIN

College Hoops 11/23/22  Valparaiso +9.5L   Missouri -13.5WIN   UMass-Lowell -3WIN   Cal State Bakersfield +9.5WIN   North Alabama +18tie

College Hoops 11/22/22  Vermont -1L Oral Roberts +10tie   St Johns -3.5WI 

College Hoops 11/21/22  Duquesne -9.5L Northern Kentucky -2L

College Hoops 11/20/22 Longwood -10L  Boston College -4L  Lamar +7.5L  Houston -6.5WIN

College Hoops 11/19/22  St Bona -7WIN  Marshall -11.5WIN   BYU -14push

College Football 11/19/22 North Alabama+37.5L Troy -15WIN  Arkansas +2WIN

College Hoops 11/18/22 VMI +14L  UCLA -3L  Loyola-Chicago Pk L

College Hoops 11/17/22  Florida Atlantic -7.5WIN   

College Hoops  11/16/22  Notre Dame -14.5L   Northern Kentucky +6.5WIN  

College Hoops 11/15/22 Mercer +4WIN   Gardner-Webb +22.5WIN  Chattanooga +10.5L   Duke -2L   New Hampshire +7.5L

College Hoops  11/14/22  Stetson +8    Navy -2.5

College Hoops 11/13/22 Vermont -4L

College Hoops 11/12/22. Canisius +7WIN  Hartford +10L NCAAF Tulane -1.5L

College Hoops 11/11/22 Oakland -7L   Utah State -7.5WIN  Western Illinois +15WIN

College Hoops 11/9/22 South Dakota State +6.5WIN

College Hoops 11/8/22  South Carolina State +24 (Caesars) WIN

NCAAF 11/5/22 Tulane -7WIN Georgia -8.5WIN Virginia +7.5WIN UCF -3WIN Houston +3.5L

NCAAF 11/2/22 C Mich v N Illinois Under 57.5WIN

NCAAF 10/29/22 TCU -7WIN  Minnesota-14WIN   Cincinnati +1.5L  Illinois -7.5WIN   SMU -1WIN 

NCAAF 10/28/22 East Carolina +3WIN La Tech -6L

NCAAF 10/27/22 NC State -13.5L

NCAAF 10/22/22 Ole Miss/LSU Under 65Push  Tulane -7WIN  Akron +16WIN

NCAAF 10/21/22 Temple +13.5WIN

NCAAF 10/20/22  Troy +3WIN

NCAAF 9/17/22 Auburn +2.5L  Troy +14WIN  Pitt -10.5WIN

NCAAF 9/10/22 Ohio +28L Wake Forest -13.5WIN  Kent State +33.5WIN  Nebraska -23.5L

NCAAF. 9/3/22 Maryland -24L  Wyoming +6.5WIN   Nebraska -23L   Troy +21.5WIN    North Texas +10.5L   

NCAAF 9/2/22 Illinois +1.5L   Duke -5.5 (first half)WIN

NCAAF 9/1/22 Purdue +3.5L

MLB 8/30/22 Royals v White Sox Under 8L

MLB 8/29/22  Angels +153WIN   Phillies -110 (-1.5)L

MLB 8/28/22 Reds -114L

NCAAF 8/27/22 UConn+14.5 (first half)WIN  UNLV -21.5WIN  Vandy v Hawaii Over 54.5WIN   Northwestern +12WIN

MLB 8/27/22.  Rays -122L   Braves v Cards Over 7.5WIN

MLB 8/26/22. DBacks +155WIN  Cubs +136WIN  Braves -152WIN

MLB 8/23/22  Pirates +1.5 (+130)L   WSox v Orioles Under 4 -130 (first 5 inn)L   Rockies -120 (first 5 inn)L   

MLB 8/16/22 Marlins +132 WIN  Cubs -149WIN  Rays +145 (first 5 inn)WIN  Red Sox v Pirates Under 8.5WIN     

MLB 8/15/22  Orioles +142WIN   Braves -154WIN   

MLB 8/13/22  DBacks -145WIN  Guardians +105L

MLB 8/12/22. Giants -1.5 (-120)WIN  Mariners -145WIN  Twins -128WIN

MLB 8/10/22   Marlins +113L   Rockies +143L   Twins v Dodgers Under 9L

MLB 8/9/22  Orioles +140WIN   Reds +220 (first 5 inn)L   Nats +170 (first 5 inn)WIN  

MLB 8/8/22  Mariners +100L  A’s -115L   SF Giants +165WIN 

MLB 8/7/22. Red Sox -149L    A’s +1.5 (+105)L 

MLB 8/6/22 Red Sox v Royals under 5 (first 5 inn)L  Reds v Brewers Under 8L  Mets -127WIN 

MLB 8/5/22  Dodgers -149WIN   Rockies +115L   White Sox v Rangers Under 8WIN  

MLB 8/4/22  Dodgers v Giants Under 4.5 (first 5 inn)L  Royals +126WIN  

MLB 8/3/22  Royals +137L   Orioles v Rangers Under 8L

MLB 8/2/22  Dbacks vs Guardians Under 4 (first 5 inn)L   Red Sox +175WIN   A’s +110L

MLB 8/1/22  Reds v Marlins Under 8WIN   Rangers -1.5 (+130)L   

MLB 7/31/22 Twins +132L  Orioles v Reds Under 9WIN

MLB 7/30/22  Blue Jays -130 (-1.5)WIN   Twins v Padres Over 7.5WIN

MLB 7/29/22  SFGiants -133L  DBacks +170 (first 5 inn)L   DBacks v Braves Under 9WIN 

MLB 7/28/22  Phillies v Pirates Over 7.5WIN   Royals +1.5 (+100)WIN     

MLB 7/27/22 Padres v Tigers Und 3.5 (first 5 inn)WIN   Brewers -1.5 (+100)WIN  Rays -110WIN

MLB 7/26/22 Braves v Phillies Under 4 (-130 first 5 inn)L  Rays -179L  Yankees -108L  

MLB 7/25/22  Reds -125WIN   Phillies +160WIN  Pirates +127L  SF Giants -130L

MLB 7/24/22  Marlins v Pirates Under 7.5L  Mets -123WIN

MLB 7/23/22. Red Sox +132L  Padres +138WIN Marlins v Pirates Under 8WIN

MLB 7/22/22 Cardinals -145L  Cubs v Phillies Under 5 (first 5 inn)L 

MLB 7/21/22  Tigers (Skubal) -133WIN  Astros (Javier) -113WIN

MLB 7/16/22 Mets v Cubs Under 3.5 (first 5 inn)game 1WIN   Pirates +115L  

MLB 7/15/22 Reds v Cards Under 4.5 (first 5 inn)L White Sox v Twins Over 9L  Rockies -141WIN

MLB 7/14/22 Reds +145 (first 5 inn)WIN  Rays -125WIN   Dodgers -152WIN 

MLB 7/13/22 Yankees v Reds over 8.5WIN 

MLB 7/12/22 W Sox v Guardians (Bieber) Under 8.5WIN   Nationals -103Rain   DBacks v Giants over 8WIN

MLB 7/11/22 Tigers v Royals Under 9 (gm 1)WIN  Royals -130 (gm2)WIN   Rays +100WIN   

MLB 7/10/22 Angels -101L  Marlins v Mets Under 3.5 (first 5 inn)WIN  

MLB 7/9/22 Tigers v White Sox Under 8.5WIN   Phils v Cards Over 4.5 (first 5 inn)L  Red Sox +145WIN  Guardians -132WIN 

MLB 7/8/22 Rays -169L   Marlins +148WIN   Braves -125 (-1.5)WIN  Dodgers -200WIN

MLB 7/4/22  Brewers -139WIN  SFGiants -175L  Guardians -120 gm2L  Reds +155L  Braves -164WIN   

MLB 7/3/22 Red Sox v Cubs. Over 8.5L  Marlins -120WIN  DBacks -114L

MLB 7/2/22. Rockies -145L   A’s +160L  Guardians +155 (game 2)L Red Sox -139WIN

MLB 7/1/22  Marlins/Nats Under 5 (first 5 inn)tie  Rockies -115L Dodgers -1.5 (+120)WIN …147

MLB 6/30/22  Brewers v Pirates Under 9L   Reds v Cubs under 5.5 (first 5 inn)L  Phillies -145WIN    Twins +138L

MLB 6/29/22 Rays -122L  Pirates +125 (first 5 inn)L  Reds +123L   Marlins -118WIN  

MLB 6/28/22  Nationals -120 (first 5 inn)WIN  Red Sox +126L  Astros -115WIN   Tigers vs Giants Over 7push

MLB 6/27/22  Rangers -135WIN  Mariners -147L   Dodgers vs Rockies Under 11.5WIN  underdog A’s +130 (+1.5)L

MLB 6/26/22  Mariners v Angels Under 9.5WIN   Phillies v Padres Under 7.5L underdog play DBacks +107L 

MLB 6/25/22 Mets vs Marlins Over 7.5WIN    underdog Blue Jays +160L 

MLB 6/24/22 Tigers v DBacks Under 4.5 (first 5 inn)L  Underdog Orioles +150WIN

MLB 6/23/22 Guardians v Twins Under 5.5 (first 5 inn)WIN    Brewers -114WIN   Astros +112L  

MLB 6/22/22  Blue Jays -108WIN   Mets v Astros Under 4.5 (first 5 inn)L  Braves -132WIN  Mariners -132WIN  

MLB 6/21/22  Marlins -125WIN  Giants/Braves Under 9.5L  Cubs +135 (first 5 inn)L   Rays +145 (first 5 inn)WIN  

MLB 6/20/22 Marlins v Mets Under 4.5 (first 5 inn)WIN    Pirates -108WIN     Blue Jays -123L

MLB 6/19/22 Marlins +125WIN   Rangers -143L  Dodgers -154L  Twins -118L  ..

MLB 6/18/22  Rays -149WIN  Red Sox -115L   Padres -118L  underdog Marlins +160L       

MLB 6/17/22. Reds -104L   A’s -135L  

MLB 6/16/22  Guardians -130WIN  Brewers/Mets Over 8WIN    Underdog Rays +215L

MLB 6/15/22  Cubs -135L  Phillies -169WIN  Braves -182WIN  Astros -149WIN underdogs Reds +108L   Rays +125L 

MLB 6/14/22 Brewers vs Mets Over 8L   Underdogs Rangers +106L   Rockies +152L     

MLB 6/13/22  Underdogs Tigers +115L  Nationals +128L  

MLB 6/12/22  Blue Jays v Tigers Under 8.5 -125WIN   Angels -110L  Underdog Marlins +210L 

MLB 6/10/22 Pirates -110 (+1.5)L   Underdog Marlins +140WIN

MLB 6/9/22  Angels -118WIN   Dodgers -125WIN    Underdog Phillies +150WIN

MLB 6/8/22  Mariners/Astros Under 8.5L  Cubs -122RAIN   Padres -130WIN  

MLB 6/7/22   Rays -147WIN   Guardians -110 game 1WIN    Braves -118 (-1.5)L   Underdog DBacks +130L 

MLB 6/6/22  Reds -115WIN   Guardians -110rain   Angels -115L  

MLB 6/5/22 Blue Jays -118 (-1.5)L Underdog Rockies +140L

MLB 6/4/22 Reds -125L  Pirates -130 (first 5 innings)Tie  Underdog Padres +119WIN

MLB 6/3/22 SFGiants -145WIN Mariners -115WIN

MLB 6/2/22  Pads v Brewers Under 4.5 (1st 5 inn)WIN   Dodgers +125 (-1.5)WIN  Blue Jays -175WIN

MLB 6/1/22  Padres -120L  Dodgers -120 (-1.5)L  

MLB 5/31/22   Red Sox -135L    Underdogs  Royals +110L   SF Giants +115WIN

MLB 5/30/22  Braves/DBacks Under 4.5 (first 5 innings)L    Red Sox -164L      Cardinals -108WIN      Marlins/Rockies Under 10.5WIN

MLB 5/29/22  Rangers -118L   Underdog Phillies +101L

MLB 5/28/22  Dodgers -175WIN     Rockies +105 Game 2WIN

MLB 5/27/22  Rangers -127WIN   Underdog Angels +105L  

MLB 5/26/22  Cubs Reds Under 9L   Tigers -132WIN  Red Sox -114WIN  Underdog Rays +107L  KC/Twins over 8L

MLB 5/24/22 Cubs -102WIN  Braves -166WIN  Twins -250WIN  underdog A’s +164WIN  Marlins/Rays under 6.5WIN

MLB 5/21/22  Cubs -133L  Angels -139WIN  Mets/Rockies Under 10 (gm1)WIN   Underdog Tigers +165 rain 

MLB 5/20/22  Dodgers -133  Underdogs Marlins +109  Royals +120 (first 5 inn)  Padres +110

MLB 5/19/22 Padres -105    Mets +120 (-1.5)   

MLB 5/18/22 Astros -136   Marlins +120 (-1.5)    Cubs -152 (Wynn) 

MLB 5/17/22   SFGiants -152WIN  Underdogs Cardinals +110 (game 2 Matz)WIN    Royals +170 (gm 2)WIN   Braves +110WIN 

MLB 5/16/22 Orioles +100 (+1.5)L   Yankees/Orioles Under 8Tie   Brewers -132WIN    

MLB 5/14/22 Rangers -111L   Yankees +100 (-1.5)L  Underdog Twins +120L

MLB 5/13/22  Tigers -132WIN  Phillies v Dodgers Under 8  Underdog Marlins +135  

MLB 5/12/22  Astros v Twins Under 8 (game 2/reg game)WIN   Pirates -131L  

MLB 5/11/22  Yankees -132WIN     Marlins v DBacks Under 8 -105L    Red  Sox -105L     Underdog Play Rockies +190L

MLB 5/10/22  Tigers v A’s Under 6.5 -105 (game 1)WIN  Brewers v Reds Under 4.5 -120 (first 5 Innings)WIN   Braves -135L    Marlins -127L    Underdog Play A’s +125 (game 2)WIN 

MLB 5/6/22 Mets -150Rain  Underdog Rangers +207Rain

MLB 5/5/22  Tigers -105L   Rays -122WIN   Cardinals/Giants Over 7 (-120)L  Underdog Reds +220L  

MLB 5/4/22  Rays -122W  Phillies +125 (-1.5)L  Underdog Play Braves +135WIN

MLB 5/3/22  Padres vs Guardians Over 8 (-105)rain  Rockies -141L    Underdog Orioles +152L  

MLB 5/2/22  Cardinals -152WIN  Twins -140WIN  Underdog Mariners  +123L    Braves +104WIN

MLB 5/1/22  Marlins -125L   Angels -117WIN  Guardians -115WIN  Underdog Royals +105 (run line +1.5)L

MLB 4/30/22  DBacks/Cardinals Over 7L   Dodgers -155 (-1.5)L Underdog Plays Rangers +101WIN  Phillies +120WIN

MLB 4/29/22  Reds v Rockies Under 10L   Marlins -120WIN    

MLB 4/27/22 Marlins -135 (Wynn) WIN Marlins vs Nats Under 7.5 -120WIN   Underdog Orioles +224L 

MLB 4/26/22 Twins -137WIN   Orioles vs Yankees Over 7.5 (-115)WIN

MLB 4/24/22  Sox/Rays Under 7.5WIN  SFG/Nats Under 8.5L Underdog plays Rockies +113WIN  Nationals +105 (+1.5)L  

MLB 4/23/22 Tigers -105 (Skubal gm1)WIN  Cubs -170WIN   Twins -120WIN  Blue Jays v Astros Over 8L  Marlins v Braves Under 8L  

MLB 4/22/22  Reds +110 (Wynn)L  Tigers -135RAIN  

MLB 4/21/22 Marlins -125WIN  Underdog Play Rangers +117WIN

MLB 4/20/22 Guardians -145WIN  Guardians +135 (-1.5)WIN   Brewers/Pirates Under 8 -105WIN

MLB 4/19/22 Mets -120 (gm1)WIN  SFGiants/Mets Over 6.5 -121 (gm1)WIN   Guardians -135RAIN    

MLB 4/18/22 Underdog Play Angels +132L

MLB 4/17/22  Yankees -125 (-1.5)L   Cubs v Rockies Under 11WIN   Underdog Play Rays +101 (Wynn)WIN 

MLB 4/16/22  Underdog play DBacks +130 (first 5 innings)tie  Phillies v Marlins Under 8L

MLB 4/15/22 DBacks v Mets Over 7.5WIN  Padres -110L   

MLB 4/14/22  Pirates -126WIN  Marlins -110WIN   Underdog Play Cubs +105 (First 5 inn)WIN

MLB 4/13/22 Cubs -127L  Underdog Play Mariners +108L

MLB 4/12/22  Underdog Play Mariners +110L

MLB 4/11/22 A’s at Rays OVER 8.5WIN  Underdog Play Orioles +140WIN

MLB 4/10/22 Dodgers -186L  Underdog Plays: Marlins +110L Orioles +165L   Reds +165 (first 5 innings)WIN

MLB 4/9/22 Underdog Play  Angels +108WIN

MLB 4/8/22  Underdog Play Tigers +123WIN

MLB 4/7/22  Guardians -120L  Underdog Play: Reds +160WIN





4/4/22  Kansas -4L

3/19/22  Kansas -11.5  Gonzaga -10  Richmond +2.5  New Mex State +6.5  

3/18/22  Loyola Chicago pick L Montana State +15.5L   Notre Dame +4WIN   Chattanooga +8WIN  Houston -8.5WIN  

3/15/22 Texas AM Corpus Christi +4L

3/13/22  Houston -3.5WIN  Iowa +2.5WIN

3/12/22  Tulane +13.5L  Michigan State +6.5WIN  St. Peter’s -2WIN  SMU +5L    LB State +2WIN  

3/11/22 North Texas -3.5L St. Louis +2WIN  Tulane -1WIN   UCF +9.5L   ACU vs Seattle Under 139.5L

3/10/22    East Carolina +5L   MARQUETTE -2.5 L  FORDHAM +5WIN    IOWA STATE +7L   MIAMI of OHIO +5.5L   BAYLOR -8.5L 

3/9/22 Sacramento State -2WIN    Jackson State +4tie    Arizona State -4.5L   Eastern Wash -7.5L    Northwestern -4.5L 

3/8/22 Boston College -1.5WIN   Wagner +3L  

3/7/22  Towson -4.5L

3/6/22  Samford +9WIN  Iowa +4WIN

3/5/22 Az State -6W  E Carolina +10W  E Wash -5W  Colorado State -3.5L

3/4/22  Winthrop -7WIN   Valparaiso +10.5WIN  Mercer -6.5WIN  

3/3/22  Hartford -1L   SMU -7L    Eastern Washington -10L   

3/2/22  Iowa State -4L    St Johns -1.5WIN   Charlotte +2WIN   Davidson -6.5WIN

3/1/22 Miami (Ohio) -3.5WIN   Central Arkansas pkWIN   Detroit -10WIN   St. Bonaventure +5.5L  

2/28/22 UCLA -8WIN  

2/27/22 E Tenn State +3.5WIN   George Mason -9.5L  

2/26/22   Loyola Maryland -3.5L    W Illinois -7.5L  Tennessee -2.5WIN   Charlotte -1L   Mercer +9.5WIN  Cincinnati -11.5L  Creighton+5L   UNLV +1.5L   

2/25/22  Monmouth -4L  

2/24/22  Hofstra -13.5L  Western Illinois -12.5L   E Washington +6WIN   

2/23/22  St. John’s -4.5 L  Davidson -8.5WIN  Campbell -6.5L    Central Ark +5.5WIN  Notre Dame -4.5WIN  Xavier +1.5L  Tulane +9L  

2/22/22   Toledo -12.5WIN    Cal State Bakersfield -1tie   San Diego State +2WIN

2/21/22  Syracuse -8.5L   Central Arkansas +11.5L  Indiana +7L

2/20/22  USC -5.5L   Oakland -5L   

2/19/22 East Tenn State pickWIN     Hofstra -11.5L    Iowa State -2WIN    Texas-Arlington -2L   Tennessee +3L  St. Bonaventure -14.5WIN    Arizona -13L    Georgetown +11 (first half)WIN 

2/18/22  St Johns -7.5WIN   Cleveland State -6.5WIN

2/17/22   Marshall -2WIN   Drexel -8WIN    East Carolina +2WIN   UNC Charlotte +8.5L

2/16/22  Furman -13.5WIN   Evansville +17L   Northwestern +6tie    Morehead State -4.5 (first half)L  Gardner Webb -2.5L

2/15/22 DePaul -3L   Missouri State -12L   Hofstra -6.5WIN   Toledo -8.5L

 2/14/22  UNC Wilmington -12.5L   St. Bonaventure -2WIN    Drexel +4tie   Howard -4WIN

2/13/22  Youngstown State -7L  Iowa -17WIN  UNC Charlotte +6.5L   Mercer +5WIN   Loyola Chicago -7.5WIN 

2/12/22  Davidson -3L    Towson-10.5WIN    Drexel -7WIN   Tulane -4.5WIN   James Madison -10.5WIN     (306014) LIU Brooklyn +1WIN

2/10/22 (760) Appalachian State -6.5L   (770) Delaware -7WIN   (773) Arkansas State +3WIN   (787) The Citadel +9L

2/9/22  Georgia +14.5WIN   Xavier +4WIN   Wright State -7.5WIN    S Illinois +6.5L   

2/8/22 UCLA -7.5WIN   San Francisco -18L    Michigan -1.5L   East Carolina +5.5WIN   Texas AM +2L 

2/7/22 Tennessee Tech -14WIN   Temple -3.5L  

2/6/22 Houston -6WIN   Fresno State -3.5L

2/5/22  Eastern Washington +7L  Appalachian State +1.5WIN    Kent State -9.5WIN  Illinois-Chicago -1.5L   Purdue-9L  UNC Wilmington -5.5WIN  UCLA vs ASU Over 130.5WIN 

2/4/22  N.Kentucky +3.5WIN   Miami Ohio +7.5L

2/3/22  Belmont -15.5WIN  Appalchian State +4.5WIN   South Alabama -2.5L

2/2/22  Wake Forest -12.5WIN  Kansas State -2WIN

2/1/22  Virginia -8.5WIN   South Carolina +8.5L   Utah State -14.5WIN

1/31/22  Eastern Washington +10.5WIN   Iowa -3.5L   Coppin State -11.5 ppd

1/30/22  Fordham +1.5L    Marist -1.5L   Valparaiso +6L  

1/29/22 Illinois-Chicago +10.5WIN   The Citadel +10L   Princeton -4L   Eastern Washington +6.5WIN

1/28/22  Niagara -1L   Ohio +2.5WIN    St. Peters -5.5WIN

1/27/22 Nicholls State -4WIN   Bryant -7.5WIN   Eastern Washington +7WIN   Hofstra -3tie   

1/26/22  Albany +5WIN   UNC Charlotte -3WIN   Stephen F Austin +1.5 (First Half)L  Mercer +.5(First Half)L

1/25/22  Kansas State +13.5L   Clemson +12.5WIN   Wright State -1L   New Mexico +5.5WIN

1/24/22  UNC-Wilmington +3.5WIN   Hartford -1L   Eastern Washington -6WIN  George Mason -6.5L   St. Johns +7.5WIN

1/23/22  Illinois State -4.5L   Arizona -13.5WIN

1/22/22  Kentucky +3.5L  Hofstra -3WIN   Texas AM +8.5WIN    Clemson -9WIN   Murray State -23L   Arkansas State +2WIN

1/21/22 Toledo +4.5WIN   Buffalo -6.5WIN   Bryant -1WIN

1/20/22  Towson -6WIN   Illinois-Chicago -3.5L   SE Louisiana +3   Incarnate Word -1.5L

1/19/22  Mississippi State +6L   Quinnipiac -5.5WIN   Marquette +13.5WIN   Maine +13.5WIN

1/18/22  Kansas -3.5L

1/17/22 Tennessee Tech -1.5L  Yale +2.5WIN  UNC Wilmington +9WIN

1/16/22 Villanova -15WIN   Quinnipiac -1WIN

1/15/22 Northwestern +9WIN    Illinois-Chicago -1WIN   Mercer -2WIN   Hofstra -5push   Louisiana Monroe +6.5WIN   Belmont -6L

 1/14/22  Iona -14.5L

1/13/22 North Texas -3WIN   Old Dominion -11WIN  BYU +15L

1/12/22  Morehead State -13.5WIN    Cal Baptist -8.5L

1/11/22  Canisius +2WIN   Umass +12.5WIN  

1/10/22 CFB National Championship: Georgia -2.5WIN  College Hoops: Western Carolina +9.5L  Denver +5L  Loyola-Maryland -6L

1/9/22  college hoops  Hofstra -1.5WIN    Lipscomb/Central Ark UNDER 157.5L

1/8/22  Tex A&M pickWIN   Belmont -16.5WIN   New Hampshire -9.5L   Morehead State -8.5WIN   SIU Edwardsville +12WIN   late add BYU -4WIN 

1/7/22 Cleveland State -8.5L    Loyola Maryland +8WIN  Nicholls State -3.5WIN

1/6/22 ncaa hoops Illinois -10.5WIN   Illinois Chi +7L  Nicholls State -10WIN   New Hampshire +10.5L 

1/5/22 college hoops St Johns -5tie  Central Florida -10L   UMass +12.5WIN   Mercer -5.5L   Green Bay -1L   Campbell -7L   

1/4/22 college hoops  Bucknell -2L   Loyola Maryland -10L  Kansas -6.5WIN   Tulsa +13.5WIN

1/3/22  college hoops Iowa -8.5L   Florida AM -2L

1/2/22  college hoops Valparaiso -4.5WIN   Iona -10L

1/1/22  college hoops  Wisc Green Bay +10WIN  Eastern Washington -2WIN   American -3L  Bucknell +11WIN college football Baylor +1.5WIN  Okla State PickWIN  Baylor/Ole Miss Under 58WIN 

12/31/21  ncaa hoops St Francis (Pa) -10L  College of Charleston -3L  CFB Georgia -7.5WIN  

12/30/31  college hoops  Utah -4L  App State -3L  Green Bay +8WIN  Eastern Washington +1.5WIN

12/25/21 Vanderbilt -2.5 (MGM)L

12/23/24  college football North Texas +1.5L   UCF vs Florida Under 55.5WIN ncaa hoops  Liberty +2L   BYU -5.5L    

12/22/21  Southern Illinois +11L   Western Carolina +10.5L   Youngstown State +16.5L   Hofstra +5WIN   Towson -1.5WIN

 12/21/21   Citadel -2L  Nicholls State +6.5L

12/20/21 Myrtle Beach Bowl ODU vs Tulsa Under 55 (Wynn)WIN  NCAA hoops: LA Monroe -5WIN   The Citadel -11.5L  Manhattan +8WIN

12/19/21  College Hoops  Illinois-Chicago -9.5L  

12/18/21 College hoops  Louisiana Monroe -6.5WIN    USC -8.5WIN  Hofstra +12.5WIN   Central Arkansas +13 (first half)L

12/17/21  College Hoops St Bonaventure +3L  Cal Poly +15L  St Mary’s -2.5L      

12/16/21 college hoops Drake -15.5L  Rice -15WIN  

12/15/21  Florida Atlantic +10.5L   USC -11L   

12/14/21 Towson -6WIN   Louisiana Monroe +12WIN   SE Louisiana/Louisville Under 141L    UNC Asheville -3.5L

12/13/21  NCAA Hoops Portland -4.5L   Indiana State +4L

12/12/21 NFL  KC Chiefs -9.5WIN   WFT +6.5   Panthers -2.5   Texans +9.5   NYGiants +9

12/11/21  NCAA Hoops Mercer -4.5WIN   UMass +5L   Utah -16WIN  Quinnipiac -13.5WIN

12/10/21 NCAA Hoops Loyola Chicago -4.5WIN   Depaul +7.5WIN   South Car St +8WIN   

12/9/21  college hoops Rutgers +13.5WIN   Gonzaga -32.5L   LIU +8.5L  NFL  Steelers v Vikings Under 44.5L

12/8/21 Canisius +7L   Youngstown State -11.5L   Fresno State +9.5WIN   Coppin State +7.5L   New Hampshire +3.5L  

12/7/21  college hoops Toledo -4.5L   Eastern Illinois +18L  

12/6/21 college hoops  Mercer +2.5WIN   The Citadel -8.5WIN   NFL Bills -3L

12/5/21 NFL Bears +8.5L  Chiefs -8.5WIN  Seahawks +3WIN   college hoops Canisius +5.5L  Illinois-Chicago +1L  Az/Oregon State Under 144.5L  Cincinnati -15.5L

12/4/21  College Football: Oklahoma State -6.5L  San Diego State -6L  Kent State -4L  College Hoops San Diego State +9L  Western Illinois -12.5WIN   St Bonaventure -3.5L   Princeton -1.5 (first half)L   USC +1WIN   Stetson +7.5WIN  

12/3/21  college hoops  Furman -7.5L   Tulsa +10WIN  Iowa +12.5WIN  College Football:  Western KY/UTSA Under 73.5L

12/2/21 NFL Saints +6L   college hoops  Belmont -14.5 (MGM)WIN  Farleigh Dickinson +14L

12/1/21 college hoops Penn +18.5WIN   Central Florida +10.5L   Boston U -1.5WIN  Michigan/N Carolina Under 151.5WIN   

11/30/21  college hoops Northwestern +2L  Nevada -12.5WIN  Presbyterian/Tennessee Under 132WIN

11/29/21  NFL WFT +2 (Circa)WIN  college hoops Iowa +2WIN   Hartford +8.5L

11/28/21  NFL Broncos +3WIN  Ravens -3WIN  college hoops Belmont -2.5L  Dartmouth/Bryant UNDER 142WIN 

11/27/21 College Football  Michigan +7WIN   Syracuse +12.5L  Old Dominion -9WIN  UCLA -6.5WIN  Oklahoma State -4push  college hoops Central Florida +1.5L  Monmouth +11WIN   St Bonaventure -9L   Richmond +3L  BYU/Utah under 139push

11/26/21 college hoops USC +1.5WIN    College Football N Carolina/NC State Under 62.5L

11/25/21 NFL Cowboys -7.5L  Lions +3WIN  Bears/Lions Over 41.5L   Bills -6.5WIN  College Football Fresno St/San Jose St UNDER 53WIN  college hoops: Montana -6 no game   Towson +13WIN

11/24/21 college hoops Sam Houston +7.5 (first half)L   Princeton -1L   Seton Hall/Cal Under 130.5WIN  

11/23/21 college hoops: New Hampshire -3.5WIN

11/22/21 college hoops: USC -25.5WIN 

11/21/21 college hoops St. Bonaventure 2.5WIN  Arizona +3.5WIN  Wichita State -3.5L

11/20/21 college hoops UCF -7.5WIN 

11/18/21 ncaa hoops Oregon State -13L

11/17/21 NCAA Football N Ill/Buff OVER 59WIN  college hoops:Detroit Mercy +16.5WIN

11/16/21  Lafayette +9L

11/15/21 College hoops: UC Santa Barbara +8push

11/14/21  NFL  Raiders +2.5L  Broncos -1L   Seahawks +3L   Titans -3L   Browns +2.5L College hoops: Minn -2WIN

11/13/21 ***Oklahoma State -12 vs TCUWIN    UAB/Marshall ***Under 55WIN    ***Louisville -3 vs SyracuseWIN   ***Wake Forest -2 vs NC StateWIN   ***San Diego State -3 vs NevadaL   ***Tennessee +20.5 vs GeorgiaL

11/12/21 College Football Boise State -14L  College Hoops: Oregon -7WIN

11/11/21   Pitt -6.5WIN

11/10/21 College Hoops: Gardner Webb +10WIN

11/9/21 Western Michigan -24.5L

11/7/21 NFL  Dolphins -4WIN   NY Giants +3WIN   Arizona/SF UNDER 45.5L  Vikings +6WIN  

11/6/21   New Mexico State +18.5L   Middle Tenn State +17.5L   Marshall -1.5WIN   Iowa -12L   Texas State -3.5WIN

11/5/21 Utah -9.5 WIN

11/4/21  Georgia State +14WIN

11/3/21  Kent State -3.5WIN  Kent State/N Ill OVER 71WIN     Western Michigan -9L

11/2/21  Ball State/Akron Under 59WIN

10/31/21 Bills -14W  Bengals -11L   Seahawks -3.5WIN   Chargers -4L

10/30/21 Pitt -9L   Temple +11L   UNC Charlotte +18L   Michigan -4L    Indiana/Maryland Under 50L   

10/24/21  Dolphins +2WIN   49ers -4L   Ravens -6L    Patriots -7WIN

10/23/21 ***Navy +28 vs CincinnatiWIN   ***Oklahoma State +7 at Iowa StateWIN    ***Ole Miss -7.5 vs LSUWIN    ***La Tech +6.5 vs UTSAL    ***Nevada +3.5 at Fresno StateWIN     ***Virginia -6.5 vs Ga TechWIN  

10/22/21  Mid Tenn State -14.5WIN    Col State/Utah State UNDER 58.5WIN

10/21/21 UNC Charlotte +6.5L

10/20/21  Coastal Carolina -4.5L

10/17/21 NFL  Lions +3.5L   Browns -3.5L    Broncos -4L   Steelers -5L   Patriots +3.5L

10/16/21 CFB   UCF +21.5L    Georgia -21.5L     LSU +12.5WIN   Old Dominion +13L

10/15/21 CFB:  Cal +14WIN  Syracuse +14WIN

10/10/21  Panthers -2.5L  Saints -2.5WIN  Bengals +3Tie  Bills +3WIN

10/9/21  NCAA Syracuse +6WIN   Old Dominion/Marshall OVER 63.5L  UAB -4WIN    Troy -5.5L

10/8/21 NCAA  Stanford/Arizona OVER 53L 

10/7/21  NCAA Football: Tulane +7L   Coastal Carolina -20WIN   NFL  Rams/Seahawks UNDER 54.5WIN

10/3/21  NFL  Carolina +4L  NY Giants +7WIN    KC -6.5WIN   Rams -4L  Packers -6WIN

9/30/21 CFB: Virginia +4WIN

10/2/21 College Football

***Oklahoma State -3.5 vs BaylorWIN

***UNDER 62 Utah State vs BYUWIN

***Notre Dame +2.5 vs CincinnatiL & Under 50.5WIN

***Oregon State -2 vs WashWIN

***Kansas vs Iowa State over 56.5WIN

***Oregon -8 at StanfordL

***Arkansas +19 at GeorgiaL

***SMU -20.5 vs S FloridaWIN

***Wash State +7.5 at CalWIN

***Liberty +1.5 at UABWIN

***Northwestern +10.5 at NebraskaL

***UNC Charlotte +11 at IllinoisWIN

9/27/21 Eagles +3.5L  Under 52L

9/26/21  NFL  Jacksonville +8L   Titans -4.5WIN  Vikings +2WIN   Bills -7WIN  

9/25/21 ***Notre Dame +6.5 vs WiscWIN   ***BYU -23 vs South FloridaL  ***TCU -9 vs SMUL  ***Michigan -20 vs RutgersL   Late add: Indiana -9L  

9/24/21 College Football  Liberty -6.5L   Charlotte -3push

9/23/21 NFL Panthers -8WIN  NCAAF Appalachian State -7L


Panthers +3WIN

Steelers -5L  

Chargers -3L


Northern Illinois +27.5L   Over 54WIN

Oklahoma -22L

Alabama -14.5L

Liberty -27.5WIN

San Diego State +9WIN

Late Add: Fresno State +11WIN


***Illinois +7 vs MarylandWIN


Ravens -4L   


NFL: Carolina -3.5WIN   Atlanta -3L   Indianapolis +3L   NY Giants +3L  Late add: Patriots -3.5L 


Virginia -10 vs IllinoisWIN

Virginia v Illinois Over 55WIN 

 Liberty -4WIN  

Middle Tennessee State +20L 

Appalachian State +8.5WIN


Ole Miss -8.5WIN 


Notre Dame -7L


San Diego State -31.5L

Arkansas -19.5WIN

Alabama -19.5WIN

San Jose State +14.5L






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