Las Vegas Sports Book March Madness Future Bets Have Big Payoff Potential

College basketball is popular among sports bettors hitting Las Vegas sports books. However during football season and in the summer where horse racing and MLB are humming along, many don’t pay too much attention to college basketball. The lure of college football and NFL Sundays gets the attention and the bankroll. This is a perfect time to look at NCAA basketball futures – while the regular March Madness players like Duke and Villanova are listed at the usual low odds, there are other squads that offer tremendous value and potentially a big payoff.

Below are some March Madness future bets taken by William Hill sports books (in Vegas, you’ll find William Hill operated sports books at SLS, Hooters, Casino Royale, Silver Sevens, Tuscany, Plaza, Downtown Grand, Binions, and others). Many of these will provide hefty payoffs – or at perhaps an opportunity to hedge if the team wagers on goes deep. 

Las Vegas Sports Book March Madness Future Bets (courtesy of William Hill sports books) 

Syracuse (300-1) $1234.56 to win $370,368…..wager placed in December

Texas Tech (400-1) $400 to win $160,000….wager placed in August

Providence (250-1) $600 to win $150,000….wager placed in August

Michigan (50-1) $3,000 to win $150,000…wager placed on February 17

Missouri (200-1) $500 to win $100,000….wager placed in April 2017

St. Bonaventure (1000-1) $100 to win $100,000….wager placed in May

St. Bonaventure (1000-1) $75 to win $75,000….wager placed in May
Arkansas (200-1) $400 to win $80,000…wager placed in July
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