Las Vegas Sports Books – How Much Should You Tip?

Tipping at a Las Vegas Sports Book

In Las Vegas, you are under no obligation to tip anyone – the onus of providing a tip depends on the service you receive. A good server at a restaurant who is attentive, the cab driver that zips along traffic and doesn’t long haul you, or the valet that sprints to get your vehicle all deserve some love. What about the folks working at the sports book however? No, I’m not talking about the cocktail servers coming around with refreshments. Generally, they always receive a tip. What I’m referring to is the ticket writers – the friendly (and once in a blue moon not so friendly) sports book staff standing at the betting counter ready to process your wager on the football game or next horse race.

Tip & you Shall Receive (Flamingo Sports Book Drink Tickets)

Tip & you Shall Receive (Flamingo Sports Book Drink Tickets)

There are a few things to know about tipping (and not tipping) ticket writers at the sports book.

  • Ticket writers are not dependent on tips as much as say restaurant servers, bartenders, etc. but of course, they welcome a few bucks being thrown their way. An entry level ticket writer’s pay starts on the low end so receiving a gratuity definitely helps.
  • The karma factor. For table players, tipping is pretty common when a hot streak hits. If that 21 dealer keeps throwing black jacks to players or busts continually, many a 21 player will throw a red chip the dealer’s way to keep the luck going. Same goes for roulette or a hot streak on craps where “one for the boys (dealers)” is more than appropriate and common. Nailing several horse races in a row or hitting all legs of the round robin football parlay could certainly qualify as an instance where a tip for the sports book ticket writer is appropriate.
  • The final thing, and probably most important for many, is drink tickets. It is a well-known fact that tipping creates flexibility with the drink ticket “policy” and will often lead to a healthy stack of free drink tickets. The tipping doesn’t have to be a crazy amount either. Ticket writers I’ve spoken to have indicated that the largest tips they receive are $100, but it doesn’t happen often. Generally, throwing a few bucks their way when you are making bets or cashing a ticket will go a long way in getting some refreshments on the house.
Everyone Can Use Good Karma at the Sports Book

Everyone Can Use Good Karma at the Sports Book

Next time you are at a Vegas sports book, the choice to tip the ticket writers is completely up to you. However, if they are friendly and are willing to loosen the grip on drink tickets, it’s worth throwing a couple of bucks their way…..and the possibility of some good sports betting karma certainly doesn’t hurt either.

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