Las Vegas Sports Books – What’s Ahead in 2016

Las Vegas is an ever changing landscape of resorts, restaurants, casinos, bars, attractions….one can go on and on about the changes that happen in Sin City from year to year.

Las Vegas sports books are no different as changes to these sports palaces occur every year. Here’s a look at what’s ahead in Las Vegas sports book land for 2016.

Completion of the First Phase of Westgate Super Book Renovations

It took a little longer than anticipated, but the renovations to the world’s largest sports book are wrapping up and the sports book space will be completed as we enter 2016. The second phase will get going in the upcoming year and will involve improvements to the deli area with the incorporation of more food options and a rumored craft beer set up as well.

First Phase of Westgate Super Book Renovations Wrapping Up (Shown: VIP Booths Installed at Rear of Sports Book Next to New Bar

First Phase of Westgate Super Book Renovations Wrapping Up (Shown: VIP Booths Installed at Rear of Sports Book Next to New Bar)

A William Hill Sports Book Arrives Mid-Strip

In Fall 2015, Casino Royale announced that renovations to a portion of the casino area would be done to incorporate a new sports bar and sports book. The operator of the sports book will be William Hill, whose strip presence is pretty light, given that the only Las Vegas Boulevard address for a William Hill sports book is at SLS (Riviera was the other until the hotel/casino closed).

A William Hill Sports Book Location Comes to the Mid-Strip as William Hill will operate out of Casino Royale

A William Hill Sports Book Location Comes to the Mid-Strip as a new sports book will operate out of Casino Royale

Construction within the casino area at Casino Royale is already taking place and a new William Hill sports book located mid-strip is a welcomed option for sports bettors looking for better odds and enhanced future and prop plays that William Hill offers. 

Cosmopolitan Makes a Long Needed Improvement to Their Sports Book

The new operators of the Cosmopolitan are being aggressive with changes. One major change will be incorporating a sports book into the casino area, which will replace the afterthought of a sports book that is currently located on the second floor next to Club Marquee. The new sports book will be several times larger than the older spot and the improved location should make it a winner.

Cosmopolitan Sports Book Changes on the Way

Cosmopolitan Sports Book Changes on the Way

Expect to be able to watch football at this Las Vegas sports book in the late summer of 2016, however other CG Technology operated sports books in town have been constructed pretty quickly, so seeing the new Cosmopolitan sports book up and running before summer wouldn’t be surprising.

Monte Carlo Transitions Sports Book to The Pub

With MGM completing renovation to “The Park” project, the existing Monte Carlo sports book area will transition to a into a new restaurant space. The Pub, which is already a popular spot for sports fans, will be used to house the Monte Carlo sports book.

Monte Carlo Sports Book Moving to The Pub

Monte Carlo Sports Book Moving to The Pub

Although the move makes sense given the large area within the Pub, the sports book will be disconnected from the main casino area – a formula that is not always optimal in giving a sports book good visibility.

Mandalay Sports Book Upgrades?

This one is a tad speculative, however MGM Resort brass have indicated that the Mandalay Bay sports book will get some attention this year. What exactly those changes are is still a mystery, but frankly, all the Mandalay Sports Book really needs is to upgrade its screens. This has already been done at its sister MGM Resort property The Mirage, whose screens are arguably the best on the strip.

An Upgrade to HD Screens Would be a Plus for Mandalay Bay

An Upgrade to Screens Would be a Plus for the Mandalay Bay Sports Book

An upgrade to the Mandalay Bay sports book would catapult it to among the best of Las Vegas sports books. Hopefully, MGM Resorts follows through, as the south strip needs a top sports book.

Free Drinks at the Sports Book Continues to get “Tighter”

This has been the trend over the past several years, so the trend continuing in 2016 will be of no surprise. Given that some strip properties have implemented drink ticket policies to video poker bars, it should be of no surprise that the drink ticket system at the sports book is here to stay.

Tip & you Shall Receive (Flamingo Sports Book Drink Tickets)

The Free Drink Game at Vegas Sports Books Can Still be Won (Flamingo Sports Book Drink Tickets)

That being the case however, free drinks will continue to be an option at Las Vegas sports books – it just takes some work now. Tipping will always be key as well as keeping on eye on which sports books are loose with free drinks. Scoping out drink deals (i.e. the $1 drafts on football weekends at the Downtown Grand Sports Book) will also be something to keep an eye on as many Las Vegas sports books, especially those located downtown or off-strip, will offer up deals to bring folks through the door.

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