Las Vegas Sports Book NFL Win Totals

Las Vegas Sports Book NFL win totals are beginning to show up on odds sheets and LED boards around town. Cantor/CG Technology sports books were the first to offer up NFL win totals in Las Vegas and William Hill sports books have followed suit. William Hill sports books (and now kiosks) can be found at various casino/resorts around town including The D, Plaza, Riviera Downtown Grand, Hooters, and for those driving in from Southern California, State Line.

No Surprise That 49ers, Patriots, & Broncos are at the Top of NFL Season Win Totals in Las Vegas

No Surprise That 49ers, Patriots, & Broncos are at the Top of NFL Season Win Totals in Las Vegas







The usual suspects sit atop the NFL win total board as the Patriots, Broncos, and 49ers are at 11.5 wins. The Texans number seems high at 10.5 wins, while the Eagles number of 7.5 wins seems a tad on the low side.

NFL 2014 Win Totals (William Hill Sports Books Las Vegas)

PATRIOTS 11.5 (OVER +130, UNDER -150)


49ERS 11.5 (OVER EV, UNDER -120)

FALCONS 10.5 (OVER +130, UNDER -150)

PACKERS 10.5 (OVER +120, UNDER -140)

TEXANS 10.5 (OVER +110, UNDER -130)

SEAHAWKS 10.5 (OVER -110, UNDER -110)

SAINTS 9.5 (OVER +120, UNDER -140)

STEELERS 9.5 (OVER -105, UNDER -115)

GIANTS 9 (OVER +105, UNDER -125)

BEARS 8.5 (OVER +115, UNDER -135)

COWBOYS 8.5 (OVER +115, UNDER -135)

BENGALS 8.5 (OVER -105, UNDER -115)

COLTS 8.5 (OVER -110, UNDER -110)

RAVENS 8.5 (OVER -145, UNDER +125)


PANTHERS 7.5 (OVER +135, UNDER -155)

CHIEFS 7.5 (OVER +120, UNDER -140)

EAGLES 7.5 (OVER +110, UNDER -130)

CHARGERS 7.5 (OVER +110, UNDER -130)

RAMS 7.5 (OVER EV, UNDER -120)

VIKINGS 7.5 (OVER -115, UNDER -105)



DOLPHINS 7.5 (OVER -130, UNDER +110)

BROWNS 6.5 (OVER +130, UNDER -150)

JETS 6.5 (OVER +110, UNDER -130)

BILLS 6.5 (OVER +105, UNDER -125)

TITANS 6.5 (OVER -105, UNDER -115)

CARDS 5.5 (OVER +115, UNDER -135)

RAIDERS 5.5 (OVER +110, UNDER -130)

JAGUARS 5 (OVER -135, UNDER +115)

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