Parlay Betting at a Las Vegas Sports Book – Why the Hate?

Las Vegas Sports Book Parlay Betting – It’s not for Everyone

I recently tweeted an image of one of those “tough beat” parlay tickets. The bet, which was made at the William Hill sports book at The Plaza Downtown, consisted of the following three plays.

Jacksonville +500

Rams +340

Bears -115

$10 to win $483 – yes, nearly 50-1 odds as the parlay was strictly money line plays (no point spreads).

On this particular NFL Sunday (November 10, 2013) the Jags and Rams pulled off big upsets. While the slightly favored Bears lost a heart breaker after failing to convert a 2-point conversion in the waning seconds of the game.

Are Parlays Bad? Should the parlay have excluded the Bears?

Are Parlays Bad? Should this play have excluded the Bears? In sports betting, hindsight is 20/20










This was definitely a bad beat but let’s keep in mind that this was a $10 wager. Not $100, not $50, but ten bucks! The backlash on twitter ranged from “too bad” to “what a dumb bet to make.” Including this little nugget tweeted by @EtotheVtotheAN: “Insanely Dumb Parlay”

Including the Bears was probably not necessary, but an argument could also be made as to why include the then-winless Jaguars? Of course, if the Bears pull out the win then the bet was a thing of genius right?

Sure, everyone hitting a Vegas sports book and laying money on sports or horse racing wants to make some dough and cash some tickets. It is important to remember though that 95% of people hitting the sports books in Vegas are there for fun. Call them “squares” or “the public” (you can place me in either category), these are the folks putting $10 down on a sports parlay bet at big odds (in this case nearly 50-1). Not to mention also that these types of bets keep you entertained for 3+ hours – it isn’t really a bad option when a 10-spot can disappear within seconds at some of the other gaming choices in a casino.

So please, don’t hate on the parlay bets – I for one am pulling for anyone that decides to “swing for the fences” at the sports book.

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