Kentucky Derby in Vegas

Watching the Kentucky Derby in Vegas is more than mint juleps and showy hats, it’s also a chance for some of the town’s casinos and sports books to get in on the fun of what is called “The Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports.”  Of course, Las Vegas isn’t exactly Kentucky, but a few places, on and off the strip, are hosting Kentucky Derby … [Read more...]

Best Las Vegas Sports Books – Visiting The Mirage

Best Las Vegas Sports Books – A Visit to the Mirage               There are a lot of options for watching sports in Las Vegas and this past Sunday for the FIFA World Cup final was no different. Virtually all of the casino bars in town were showing the game and several properties were … [Read more...]

Top 10 Las Vegas Sports Books

Top 10 Las Vegas Sports Books The best restaurant, casino, night club….most everyone has a favorite spot in Las Vegas.  Sports books are no different. While some visitors will simply place a sports or horse racing bet at the hotel they are staying at for convenience, others will scope out which sports book has the best HD screens, most open … [Read more...]

Best Las Vegas Sports Books – 5 Great Places to Watch NFL & NCAA Football in Las Vegas

Football is Back at Las Vegas Sports Books Las Vegas sports books will be buzzing with activity this NFL and NCAA football season as locals and visitors alike take in all of the pigskin action. There are dozens of sports book choices in Vegas and for the most part, all of them have something unique to offer. But which Vegas sports books are the … [Read more...]

Which Las Vegas Sports Books are Best for Free Drinks?

Las Vegas sports books are some of the best places to watch your favorite sporting event. As popular as sports books in Las Vegas are, the free or comped drinks are a little harder to come by than back in the good old days, where simply sitting in the sports book seat all but guaranteed a free morning coffee during the first race at Saratoga or the … [Read more...]

Kentucky Derby Parties in Las Vegas

Kentucky Derby in Las Vegas Some call it the fastest two minutes in sports and every first Saturday in May, the quest for a Triple Crown horse racing champion begins. If you are not one of the lucky ones to make it to Kentucky for the Derby, Las Vegas has a number of options for watching and betting on the "Run for the … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Sports Books – Mirage Goes High Def

The Mirage race and sports book is a throwback to the "Super Book" era due to its size, decor, and liberal free drink policy. Throwback or vintage TV screens however are not very cool -  for years, The Mirage lacked the swag of other sports books due in large part to TV screens that looked like they had petroleum jelly smeared on them. Well, … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Sports Books With The Best Service

Las Vegas Sports Books – Top 5 for Best Service The quality of service isn’t usually the first thing one thinks of when deciding where to play their $50 NFL parlay card, but there are sports books in Vegas that go the extra mile when it comes to catering to the customer. Whether it’s a courteous ticket writer who isn’t stingy with drink … [Read more...]

Mirage Sports Book Review

Mirage Race and Sports Book Seats:  Seating for approximately 300 between the horse racing and sports areas Screens: One Jumbo screen and several big screens - approximately 30 additional screens in the horse racing and sports areas It’s hard to believe that this property is almost 25 years old, but The Mirage and its sportsbook are … [Read more...]