Las Vegas Sports Book MLB World Series Odds

Las Vegas Sports Book MLB World Series Odds - Las Vegas sports books are on the brink of adjusting some of the MLB World Series odds as the MLB trade deadline approaches. The Dodgers and A's still sit atop of the odds board with the Cardinals and Angels also getting assigned a lower number over the past few weeks. A live long shot? Perhaps the … [Read more...]

A New York Yankees Trend

A New York Yankees trend that I've shared via Twitter over the past 2 MLB seasons rolls on in 2014...... MLB betting trends aren’t always in plain sight. Sometimes, it takes discovering one by accident or merely by coincidence based on an event or simple curiosity (i.e. how many times has team X won their first game on the road after a winning … [Read more...]

William Hill Sports Books in Las Vegas Offering up a Fun MLB Bet

William Hill Sports Books in Las Vegas Offering up a Fun MLB Bet Call it the most down and dirty bet next to the Super Bowl Heads/Tails coin flip proposition - you can now get some action in at the sports book on the first inning of a Major League Baseball … [Read more...]

MLB Underdog Free Picks are Back!!!

MLB Underdog selections on the Vegas Parlay's free pick page is back for year 2. The picks turned a tidy profit las season and we certainly plan to follow up with a winning 2014. Make sure to follow the picks and the posted results all season - for entertainment purposes only! THE VEGAS PARLAY FREE PICK PAGE … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Sports Book MLB Props – Keep an Eye on Darvish & Kershaw Injuries

Las Vegas Sports Book MLB Pros – Keep an Eye on Darvish & Kershaw Injuries Both Clayton Kershaw and Yu Darvish will miss their opening day (stateside opening day for Kershaw) starts and perhaps more as both are dealing with injuries. The Kershaw news broke yesterday with reports indicating that he had an upper back issue (anything to do … [Read more...]

Dodgers World Series Odds – Even as Favorites, the Boys in Blue Offer Value

The first pitch of the 2014 Major League Baseball season won't be thrown for another month, however baseball fans don’t have to wait 30 days to get some betting action on Major League Baseball. Las Vegas sports books are now offering a plethora of MLB future and proposition bets, with odds to win the World Series being one of the more popular … [Read more...]

Las Vegas MLB Props & Futures Odds 2014

MLB props and futures odds are now available in Las Vegas with the LVH releasing the first comprehensive list for the upcoming baseball season. Whether it's total number of team wins, World Series odds, or individual player props, there are a ton of fun options to bet on and follow during the upcoming MLB season. Make sure you scroll all the way … [Read more...]

MLB World Series Odds – With Tanaka Signing, Yankees Odds Create an Opportunity

*A couple of hours after this was posted, Yankees World Series odds (LVH) plunged  to 12-1* The New York Yankees signing of the most sought after pitcher on the free agent market, Masahiro Tanaka, won’t only impact the Bronx Bomber’s payroll and starting rotation this season. It will also certainly affect Las Vegas sports book MLB Future … [Read more...]

Las Vegas MLB World Series Odds – A New Favorite on the Board

The Dodgers (7-2) are now listed as favorites on LVH's World Series future sheet. At the end of June, most Las Vegas sports books had the boys in blue listed with odds as high as 40-1. The Tigers (4-1) and Red Sox (7-1) are also amongst the favorites.             2013 World Series Odds Courtesy … [Read more...]

No Football or March Madness? A Trip to a Las Vegas Sports Book Still Offers a Lot of Options

March Madness has concluded and football won’t kickoff for several months. Even so, there’s plenty cooking in Las Vegas sports books between now and the start of NFL and College football. MLB Major League Baseball betting is not as glamorous as football or March Madness, however there are some nice odds that can be had betting MLB, … [Read more...]