Best Las Vegas Sports Books – MGM Grand Sports Book Review

Seats: Approximately 100 with additional Skybox seating

Screens: Three jumbo-sized big screens and over 40 additional televisions

The MGM sports book is nicely decorated and has a semi- intimate feel, almost like being seated in a long, properly furnished, wide corridor. There are several personal screens for horse racing and the set up for sports viewing is done well. The ticket writers here seem generally disinterested but are polite. The bartenders at the sports book bar are pretty easygoing and are very willing to talk about sports if chatting with the barkeep is your thing. For food, the Stage Deli is right next-door and usually has a good amount of customer activity. The pastrami sandwich looked acceptable when I observed a few plates being walked over to the sports book area.

The feedback on the MGM Grand’s sports book is that people either love it or hate it…and both opinions are understandable. Although drinks are free if you are betting, there have been occasions where I have sat for over an hour without seeing a cocktail server, yet on a subsequent visit a few months later, there is a server coming around every 10 minutes. Very hit and miss. If you do happen to catch a cocktail server, make sure your bet ticket (or someone else’s crumpled up losing ticket from the trash) is visible so you can score a free refreshment – they will ask to see your bet ticket in order to comp you.

Odds and Ends: The MGM Sports book offers “Sky Boxes” located above the sports book floor. Partying in the skybox provides for a personal cocktail server and free food as well as other amenities. It certainly seems that you have to be a big bettor, shell out a ton of cash for a private party, or be otherwise connected in some way to enjoy this amenity. The MGM website did not provide information on how to get access to the skyboxes.

3.5 (out of 5) stars

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