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The experienced sports bettor knows that in the long run, parlays are not profitable. But that still doesn’t diminish the fun of “swinging for the fences” to see if luck is on your side and you can rattle off multiple winners on a parlay. Some parlay cards offer whopping odds, but there are some parlay bets – teasers, which produce smaller returns but can be just as fun.  One such parlay bet, that is offered by William Hill sports books in Vegas, is the 10-point football teaser parlay.

The way the bet works is that you select 3 teams against the spread; however, you are given 10-points in your favor for each team you select. For example, if you select the Patriots who are on the board at -10 (favored by 10 points), you get them at “even” – they simply have to win the game. On the flip side if you take the Browns, who are +10, you get them at +20. The Browns can lose by 19 points and you still win that portion or “leg” of the bet.

Below is an example of what the ticket looks like for a $120 bet.

3-Team 10-point NFL Teaser William Hill Las Vegas

3-Team 10-point NFL Teaser William Hill Las Vegas









The point to this bet is hitting all 3 teams – while getting 10 additional points. It sometimes is not as easy as it looks as ties lose. Also, the payoff when you hit all 3 is not as glamorous as a regular 3-team parlay, which pays 6-1 odds. The 3 team, 10-point teaser parlay pays slightly less than even money: -120, which is $100 for every $120 wagered. You are basically buying points to increase the chances of winning your bet – and when chances are increased; the payoffs obviously get a tad lower.

The William Hill Sports Book at Plaza







All that said, this bet is one of the more fun parlay/teaser plays in my opinion simply because of the amount of points you get and having action on multiple games. So the next time you visit a William Hill sports book while in Vegas, take a look at the 10-point teaser parlay – it’s 3X the fun!

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