New York New York

New York New York Sports Book

 Seats: Approximately 40- 50…additional seating provided during football season

Screens: 18 big screens and several smaller monitors

If you ever wondered what it would be like to watch a televised sporting event in an East Coast subway station, look no further than New York New York’s quaint, yet funky sports book. Ticket writers are located inside “ticket booths” made to look like something out of Grand Central Station….or perhaps more like the M Line in Queens.

Located on the main floor adjacent to the casino and next to one of the main hotel entrances from the strip, there is a lot of pedestrian traffic around this sports book, but nothing that would be too distracting for the fan catching a sporting event. Cocktail servers are hit and miss, but free drinks are available here. There is a small snack-bar type kiosk only a few steps from the sports book if you get the munchies, but for a quick meal, New York New York offers an array of quick East Coast style eats (Nathan’s Hot Dog shop is a good bet) at the food establishments set up throughout the first floor of the hotel.

Odds and Ends: The Sporting House Bar and Grill, located directly next door to the sports book, boasts over 100 screens. So if you’re wondering if you’ll be able to watch Toledo vs Miami of Ohio, you should be okay here. And if you’re a local, show them your ID and you’ll get 10% off of the tab. 

 2.5 (out of 5) stars