Paris Race and Sportsbook

Seats: Approximately 250 seats between the sports book and the connected Lu Bar Du Sport

Screens: Approximately 10 big screens, over 100 individual screens, and an additional 27 screens throughout the sports book, with more screens at the Bar Du Sport

The Paris Race and Sports book is a medium sized book tucked away in a corner of the main casino area. It has the feel of an old 18th century space, which can seem kind of odd, but this is part of the whole “Paris theme” that includes walls adorned with horse racing murals that are eye-catching. The ticket writers here are some of the friendliest on the strip and they are very liberal with the drink tickets (remember, a buck or two tip usually helps to score extra drink tickets). Le Bar Du Sport, which is a bar area directly connected to the sportsbook provides cocktail service. Having the bar nearby is a plus as the cocktail servers are pretty consistent and attentive.

This is a good sized sports book and you should be able to find a good seat to follow your betting action even on busy sports days. One downside is that there are minimal food options near the Paris sportsbook. The white cloth Mon Ami Gabi restaurant is located directly adjacent to the sports book – not the kind of place for take out food, but certainly worth taking the significant other to if the day at the sports book turns out to be a profitable one.

 Odds and Ends: If you swing your chair around 180 degrees (the chairs at the Paris sportsbook have wheels, so this is easy) and look to the rear of the sports book, a portion of the Eiffel tower base structure is visible coming through the ceiling to the casino floor.

3 (out of 5) Stars