Las Vegas Sports Books – Downtown Fun

Mostly all frequent Las Vegas visitors know the difference between Downtown and the Strip. Old vs. new, zip lines vs. volcanoes – there are a lot of contrasts between the two. When it comes to sports books, the sizes of the spaces are the biggest difference between Downtown and the Strip. Some will also argue that Downtown sports books are more … [Read more...]

A New Vegas Sports Book for Downtown – It’ll Just be Awhile

The Las Vegas Club, the long standing hotel & casino in Downtown Las Vegas which was shuttered over the summer, will indeed have a sports book once renovated. The Las Vegas Club had fallen on hard times before its closure several months ago as the hotel portion of the property was no longer used and the casino area was well…..marginal at … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Club – My “Lucky 7” Wish List

In recent years, Las Vegas Club was best known for the smell of hot ass, vomit, and Newports  - if you made your way through the casino over the past couple of years, it’s even money that you caught a whiff. Now however, one of the seedier joints in Downtown Vegas is heading towards a revamp as new ownership (Derek Stevens of the D and Golden … [Read more...]

Downtown Las Vegas Sports Books – Binion’s

Downtown Las Vegas Sports Books - Binion's sports book operated by William Hill is worth a visit - for the odds and for what's nearby. The sports book set up at Binion’s is comfortable and efficient. William Hill has a basic lay out to take care of all of your sports betting needs with approximately 25 comfortable seats with desks and several … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Downtown Vegas Style

I recently chatted with @Fremontstreetlv via Twitter and he was nice enough to provide information he's gathered regarding Super Bowl events in and around Downtown Las Vegas. Thanks @Fremontstreetlv! It’s the Big Game in Las Vegas or as the rest of the world calls it the Super Bowl.  Last year an estimated 311,000 visitors came to Las Vegas … [Read more...]

Best Las Vegas Sports Books – Downtown Grand Sports Book Review

Best Las Vegas Sports Books - Downtown Grand Screens: One jumbo high-def screen that breaks down into multiple (approx 12) screens for sports viewing. Seats: Lounge/Table seating for approximately 20-25 people. The Downtown Grand is located near Fremont Street along the new "Downtown 3rd" District of old Las Vegas. Within the Downtown … [Read more...]

The D Sports Book in Downtown Las Vegas Gets Spruced Up

For a blend of vintage and modern, you can’t beat the recently updated William Hill Sports Book at The D in Downtown Las Vegas. William Hill took over sports book operations when The D opened in the Fall of 2012, but the dated lounge furniture and stools from the old Fitzgeralds remained in use for the space. Even though the second floor of The … [Read more...]

DuPars in Downtown Las Vegas – A Great Place to Look Over Your Sports Book Plays for the Day

Hello sports book fans, welcome to the old school spot on the corner of Fremont and Main in Downtown Las Vegas. First things first, however - I want to explain what originally brought me to DuPars. That would be the Five Hundy by Midnight Las Vegas Podcast. I kept hearing about how delicious the breakfast (the pancakes specifically) at DuPars was … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Sports Books with the Best Food Options – Downtown/Fremont Street

We’ve looked at great places for sports book food both on The Strip and at Off-Strip locales. But what about Downtown? Ah yes, good ol’ Fremont Street in Downtown Vegas – the place that many love and others have yet to “rediscover.” If you are staying downtown, there are plenty of sports books to choose from and all within close … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Sports Book News – New Sports Book Coming to Downtown

A touch of Britain is coming to Downtown Las Vegas in the form of the new William Hill sports book at the Downtown Grand hotel and casino. William Hill has announced that they will run sports book operations at Downtown's newest hotel and casino, which is scheduled to open in Fall 2013. The Downtown Grand is undergoing extensive renovations for … [Read more...]