Dodgers World Series Odds – Even as Favorites, the Boys in Blue Offer Value

The first pitch of the 2014 Major League Baseball season won't be thrown for another month, however baseball fans don’t have to wait 30 days to get some betting action on Major League Baseball. Las Vegas sports books are now offering a plethora of MLB future and proposition bets, with odds to win the World Series being one of the more popular … [Read more...]

Las Vegas March Madness Parties

March Madness Parties in Las Vegas There are a plethora of options for March Madness viewing in Las Vegas. Whether it’s the free party with $1 beers or the $2,000 man caves with an open bar and private betting stations, Las Vegas has something for everyone in terms of March Madness viewing. If you plan to hit one of the many sports books in … [Read more...]

Tips for Watching March Madness in Las Vegas

Tips for Watching March Madness in Las Vegas - There is no place on Earth where more hoops fans congregate at one time than during March Madness in Las Vegas. Whether it's free drinks at the sports book or just figuring out where to watch, there is a lot to consider to maximize the … [Read more...]

Las Vegas MLB Props & Futures Odds 2014

MLB props and futures odds are now available in Las Vegas with the LVH releasing the first comprehensive list for the upcoming baseball season. Whether it's total number of team wins, World Series odds, or individual player props, there are a ton of fun options to bet on and follow during the upcoming MLB season. Make sure you scroll all the way … [Read more...]

The Treasure Island (TI) Sports Book is Moving – and it’s all CVS Pharmacy’s Fault

A 48,000 square foot retail center is being constructed on the Las Vegas Strip in front of Treasure Island (aka TI) so bye-bye free Sirens Show and hello CVS Pharmacy. The construction, which will also include shops and restaurants once completed, has displaced the TI sports book, which has relocated to the poker room across from the old sports … [Read more...]

Bob Costas – Why He Really Got Pink Eye: Sports Betting Karma

Over 15 years ago, Bob Costas gave testimony before something called “The National Gambling Impact Study Commission” regarding the problem the country was facing with folks betting on sports. He indicated that the rise in sports betting in the United States was concerning – even though this “growth” in sports gambling coincided with … [Read more...]

Best Las Vegas Sports Books – Orleans Sports Book Review

The Orleans Race & Sports Book Seating: Desks and individual counters for up to 125 people Screens:  Over 40 screens of varying sizes in the sports book with nearly 100 individual monitors. Also, one 64 square foot jumbo screen. The Orleans sports book is an old school-type of spot with all of the modern amenities a solid Vegas sports … [Read more...]

Super Bowl in Las Vegas 2014 – A Look Back at Big Game Weekend in Vegas

Super Bowl in Las Vegas – Postscript Super Bowl 48 festivities arrived in Las Vegas this past weekend and with it came a record-breaking day for Las Vegas sports books and enormous crowds all over town. Experiencing the excitement of Las Vegas for the “Big Game” is something every football fan should experience. Aside from actually going … [Read more...]