Bob Costas – Why He Really Got Pink Eye: Sports Betting Karma

Over 15 years ago, Bob Costas gave testimony before something called “The National Gambling Impact Study Commission” regarding the problem the country was facing with folks betting on sports. He indicated that the rise in sports betting in the United States was concerning – even though this “growth” in sports gambling coincided with increased ratings and Costas’ rise to prominence covering the NBA and NFL for NBC Sports. And I’m sure nobody with a Nielsen box had any money on the NFL back in those days right?

Granted, Costas indicates that his father apparently was addicted to gambling on sports, and during his youth, he would tag along with his pop on trips to meet the bookie – gambling addiction is nothing to make fun of. However, Costas’ own interest in sports was due largely in part to watching games as a kid in which dad had wagered money on. Also, Costas’ star grew during the late 80’s and early 90’s covering amongst other things, the NFL, which has thrived off of the large portion of their fan base that puts money on games and/or plays fantasy football.

Very recently, talk has intensified and court battles have heated up on the issue of legalizing sports betting in the United States. Combined with the record breaking day that Vegas recently had with the betting handle for Super Bowl XVLIII, perhaps now was the right time for some good ol’ sports betting karma to catch up with Bob.

You Won't See Brent Musburger on the Air with Pink Eye

You Won’t See Brent Musburger on the Air with Pink Eye









All that said, Bob Costas is one of my favorite sports personalities and one heck of a smart guy (in my opinion). But I still say that when you mess with gambling karma, it’s going to come back to bite you and you will see red, or in this case, pink. 

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