Far From Las Vegas: Palermo Race Track & Casino in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Far From Las Vegas: Palermo Race Track & Casino in Buenos Aires, Argentina


The Hipodromo Palermo Race Track in Buenos Aires is one of the most iconic horse racing venues in the Americas. The track boasts beautifully designed buildings with Parisian architecture that has been maintained for years. The first thing that struck me upon entering the race track was the vibrant atmosphere and its impressive infrastructure – comparable to many racetracks in the United States.






The facilities are well-maintained, and the grandstands offer excellent views of the track. The layout of the venue is thoughtfully designed with a European flair.









At the time of my visit, the US Dollar was worth approximately $1,000 Argentine Pesos. The betting slips looked impressive but from a money amount, they were small bets.









The cultural ambiance at Palermo Race Track is another aspect that sets it apart. The fusion of traditional Argentine culture and the excitement of horse racing creates a unique and festive atmosphere. It’s a fun yet relaxing vibe at this historic racetrack.

Also, for those needing more gambling fun, the Palermo racetrack offers a multitude of slot machines with automated blackjack and roulette also available.

The combination of thrilling races, cultural richness, and a welcoming atmosphere made the Palermo Race Track one of the highlights of my visit to Buenos Aires.

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