Las Vegas Sports Book News – Mandalay Bay Sports Book Upgrades Finally Happening?

If there is one Las Vegas sports book that’s first in line for a remodel, it’s Mandalay Bay. The Mandalay Bay sports book in itself is not a bad space, but screens, seating, and odds boards have remained unchanged since the property opened in 1999. With the Raiders coming to town, MGM is exploring how to integrate the new attraction of an NFL stadium with the Mandalay Bay sports book. The Mandalay Bay will be the closest Las Vegas sports book to the new stadium. 

Mandalay Bay Sports Book

Mandalay Bay Sports Book During March Madness

In a recent interview with, MGM sports book boss Jay Rood said MGM was “coming up with the right design and the right strategy…before the Raiders (arrive).” MGM scored a home run by re-configuring the Mirage sports book while making massive upgrades to their screens. It looks like something similar may be in store for Mandalay Bay, which would be a welcome change to the current state of Las Vegas sports books at the south end of the Vegas Strip. But it may still take a while.

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