Which Las Vegas Sports Books are Best for Free Drinks?

Vegas Free Drinks

Las Vegas sports books are some of the best places to watch your favorite sporting event. As popular as sports books in Las Vegas are, the free or comped drinks are a little harder to come by than back in the good old days, where simply sitting in the sports book seat all but guaranteed a free morning coffee during the first race at Saratoga or the cold beer during Monday Night Football. Earlier in the year, The Bellagio modified their loose comp drink policy and went to the drink ticket system. This is in line with most Vegas sports books, who have used the drink ticket system for years now. Getting free drinks at the sports book takes a little more strategizing nowadays but it’s still easy if you know which casino to visit.

Comp Drinks at The Golden Nugget

Comp Drinks at The Golden Nugget

The sports book scene on the strip and off strip has definitely changed with Cantor Gaming operating several sports books in town (no drink freebies at these spots) and just about all casino sports books going the drink ticket route. As we have preached before – a small tip goes a long way in loosening up the ticket writer’s grip on free drink tickets, so keep that in mind when you are placing bets at your favorite sports book around town.

Which are the best Vegas sports books for free drinks now that the game has changed a bit? Here are a few to consider – on and off the strip.

Mirage – The Mirage’s drink ticket policy has always been pretty loose depending on the ticket writer’s mood. If you are betting horses, drink tickets are easy to obtain. If you are betting sports, a tip will usually do the trick (just make sure that the sports book manager is not hanging around). Scoring some free refreshments while enjoying The Mirage sports book’s new ultra high definition screens is a dandy.

Treasure Island – The sports book supervisor is in charge of drink tickets and the ticket writer will direct you to the supervisor if you would like to receive comped drinks. The two sports book supervisors I dealt with during my time at the TI sports book were friendly and presented me with several free drink tickets when requested without any problem.

Treasure Island Sports Book Free Drink Tickets

Treasure Island Sports Book Free Drink Tickets

The free drink tickets make for a nice souvenir as well as they are the nicest looking of any in Las Vegas.My advice is to ask for free drink tickets in a friendly yet confident tone and make sure you have your betting ticket(s) visible. At some Vegas casinos, I often feel that the sports book is a forgotten place to cocktail servers; however at TI this wasn’t the case at all as the cocktail server came around often.

LAS VEGAS SUPER BOOK (WESTGATE/LVH) – If you care to venture off-strip to the world’s largest sports book, the Westgate is one of the top choices for free drinks. There is no drink ticket system here and whether it’s betting on sports or playing the ponies, you will score free drinks from the cocktail servers as long as your betting tickets are visible. Even on busy days, cocktail servers do an acceptable job in being visible and hitting all areas of the sports book. During this past Super Bowl weekend (a very busy time at The super book) the cocktail server came by my area several times and was very attentive.

South Point – Even though the South Point sports book has a drink ticket system, comp drink coupons are pretty easy to come by here. There is no stated minimum bet for drink tickets and any time I have made a sports or horse racing bet at the South Point (no matter how small) I have never been denied drink tickets when I asked for them. If you don’t care to wait for the cocktail server, the adjacent Del Mar Lounge bar area will accept free drink tickets from the sports book.

Wynn Drink Tickets

Wynn Drink Tickets

Wynn – The sports book at The Wynn is one of the best sports books in town and it is also a great  place to score free drink tickets. The ticket writers here are very friendly and are usually very willing to fork over some free drink tickets – tipping certainly helps. There are a couple of ticket writers here that are all business and are tight forking over drink tickets, so choose your ticket writer carefully.

Golden Nugget – The Golden Nugget sports book uses the drink ticket system and if you are betting the ponies, getting drink tickets is a breeze. Your mileage may vary when betting sports, however just ask the ticket writer after making a bet – the level of “tightness” varies depending on the sports book staffer. One nice perk at the Golden Nugget is that their drinks come in larger cups (16-oz.) than what is the norm in other sports books.

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