Betting on Sports in Las Vegas – 7 Tips for Getting Free Drinks at the Sports Book

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Whether it’s the bite sized food samples at Costco or the comped Las Vegas show, getting a freebie is always fun. At Las Vegas sports books, scoring a free drink isn’t as easy as it used to be. That said, the sports book is one of the easiest places in Las Vegas to get complimentary drinks. And if you make the right moves, it basically becomes an all-you-can-drink proposition.

Treasure Island Sports Book Free Drink Tickets

Treasure Island Sports Book Free Drink Tickets

But it is important to remember that the stack of free drink coupons you score at the sports book aren’t necessarily there for you to punch your one-way ticket to Drunkville. A free morning coffee while looking over parlay cards or a complimentary orange juice to go along with your breakfast sandwich can always be enjoyed before the Coronas start flowing. Also, there is nothing better than scoring free drinks for your buddies or giving drink tickets to new friends you make in the sports book. Just please don’t approach the bachelorette party group and offer them your free drink tickets – that usually will not go well.

Scoring Free Drinks in Las Vegas Sports Books – 7 Tips

BE CHARMING – Ticket writers are hard working folks. They are responsible for dealing with large sums of money while being ambassadors for their hotel/casino sports book. While placing your bet, being friendly and polite at the ticket window goes a long way in securing free drink coupons regardless of what the “house” minimum is for getting drinks comped. So, be kind to the ticket writers and in most cases they’ll be kind right back no matter what amount you are betting.

ASK – Some sports books go out of their way to offer free drink tickets, while others seem to want to keep it a secret. So, just ask! While some spots go the free-drink- ticket-route, other sports books still go on the honor system and simply offer free drinks if you are sitting in the space watching sports or horse racing. Either way, asking a sports book employee or manager about their free drink policy is totally acceptable.

South Point Drink Tickets

South Point Drink Tickets

AVOID CANTOR SPORTS BOOKS – I will preface this by saying that Cantor run race and sports books are classy spots. The quality of their high def screens are top notch and the motif of their sports books are sleek, modern, and very well done. But when it comes to free drinks, Cantor does not cut the mustard. Unless you are a “heavy-hitter” type of sports bettor, comped drinks are non existent. Cantor run sports books include The Venetian, Cosmopolitan,  Tropicana, Hard Rock, and a few others.

BET – At many spots, you don’t have to lay the lumber and place a $200 football bet to get a free drink. A simple $5 sports parlay bet or a $1 horse racing bet will suffice. Cocktail servers can usually spot someone who is simply taking in the sports action without betting, however with a minimum horse racing bet being just $1 (many race tracks offer $1 pick threes or $1 exactas) it is pretty simple to have a betting ticket laying on the table for the cocktail server to see.

Mirage Drink Tickets







RESEARCH – While a majority of sports books offer complimentary drinks, their policies for giving customers free refreshments varies greatly. So if scoring free drinks is a plus for you, make it part of the equation for choosing where you will spend your time betting sports while in Vegas. And what better place to conduct your research than on

TIP! – Money talks…if you tip, you can generally expect better service. Tipping isn’t reserved to the cocktail servers either. Throwing a dollar or two at the ticket writers when placing a bet usually leads to more drink tickets in sports books that use the drink coupon system. A tip for the cocktail servers will also usually do the trick, although if you are having a big day (The Vegas Parlay certainly hopes you have many) there is nothing wrong with increasing the tip amount.

GO OFF THE BEATEN PATH – Many of the smaller and/or off-strip sports books tend to be more liberal with their comps. So, if you are staying at one of these locales, spending time at these sports books may work out just fine. Some off-strip spots that are customer friendly when it comes to free drinks are SouthPoint, Gold Coast, and The LVH.

Some of our favorite spots with liberal free drink policies include: Bellagio, South Point, LVH, Excalibur, and The Wynn (tipping at The Wynn is helpful for scoring extra drink tickets).

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