Las Vegas Sports Books That Need to Upgrade Their Screens

Las Vegas sports books come in all shapes and sizes. Large “Super” books, sleek boutique style spaces, and old school no-nonsense sports books can be had all over town depending on what tickles your fancy. I’ve spent a day at the cozy, yet very cool, confines of the The D sports book and then headed to The LVH the next day just to change things up.

One thing, however, that there should be no compromise for (other than rude service of course) is having quality screens to watch the sports action. If you’ve been to places like The Venetian, Golden Nugget, or The Mirage, you already know the quality of their screens.

The Mirage Sports Book Upgraded HD Screens

The Mirage Sports Book Upgraded HD Screens







Crystal clear HD with multiple grids showing the best games of the day. There are however, some big casino sports books that need to get their act together when to comes to the visual enjoyment of watching games at the sports book.

3 Las Vegas Sports Books That Need to Upgrade Their Screens

Caesars Palace  – Many know Caesars Palace as one of the classic Las Vegas sports books. And indeed it is with their great service and classic feel of one of the largest sports books in town. The TV monitors don’t lack in size (they are jumbo sized), but the they do not have the “grid” capability to break up the screen to show multiple games – which means that sometimes, the particular game you are looking for will be shown on smaller flat screens. These are hard to see if you are not seated along the front row of seats at the sports book.

Caesars Palace - Classic is Good, But Not When it Comes to Screens

Caesars Palace Sports Book- Classic is Good, But Not When it Comes to Screens








This is Caesars Entertainment’s premiere property and premiere sports book (perhaps until The Quad – yes The Quad opens up their new sports book) so they need to step up and upgrade those screens to HD quality.

Mandalay Bay – There are some upgrades going on at the Mandalay Bay property itself, but there has been no word if the sports book is included in these plans. The Mandalay Bay sports book is large and plush. Service is great and I’ve found it pretty easy to score free drinks here.

Mandalay Bay Sports Book Screens - Yuck

Mandalay Bay Sports Book Screens – Yuck






Ah, but those screens look like they have vaseline smeared on them – an upgrade similar to their MGM Resorts sister property The Mirage is in order here.

Monte Carlo – A lot of people (including me) know that “The Monty” is a great value – nice rooms, great strip location, and good rates. I’ve always considered the Monte Carlo sports book one of the more underrated spots on the strip. Drink tickets seemed to be falling from the sky during the time I spent here during March Madness.

Monte Carlo - One Jumbo Screen

Monte Carlo – One Jumbo Screen








The problem here is that there is only one jumbo screen and it doesn’t break up into multiple screens. So, only one game is shown on the big screen while others are on smaller flat screens throughout the sports book – this simply doesn’t cut the mustard when there are multiple games on (i.e NFL Sundays).

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