Top 10 Las Vegas Sports Books

Top 10 Las Vegas Sports Books

The best restaurant, casino, night club….most everyone has a favorite spot in Las Vegas.  Sports books are no different. While some visitors will simply place a sports or horse racing bet at the hotel they are staying at for convenience, others will scope out which sports book has the best HD screens, most open seating, best service, or perhaps the most lenient comp drink policy. These are all factors that were used to compile this year’s list.

The Best Sports Books in Las Vegas

The Best Sports Books in Las Vegas









The quality of most sports books in Las Vegas is very high and it’s hard to have a bad sports viewing/betting experience in Sin City. But which sports books offer truly exceptional experiences for the Las Vegas sports fan? We look at sports books on the strip, off strip, and downtown that offer up the best overall experience – here is the 2nd Annual The Vegas Parlay Top 10 Sports Books in Las Vegas!

10. Caesars Palace – Many moons ago, the Caesars Palace Race & Sports Book would have found itself at the top of this list. However, nowadays, it barely cracks it. It is still a classic spot set up in the “Super Book” style of a large and spacious place to watch and bet on sports, but it lacks in a few areas. The screens are not optimal and many times, a lot of good games are regulated to smaller screens. The jumbo screens could use an upgrade similar to what the Mirage did next door. Also, Caesars Palace has become such a cluster that it takes some time to get to the sports book whether walking from the strip or arriving via car.

Caesars Palace #10 - A Classic Spot but no Longer Amongst Elite Vegas Sports Books

Caesars Palace #10 – A Classic Spot but no Longer Amongst Elite Vegas Sports Books









On the bright side, this is still a classic place and an iconic sports book. Ticket writers have always been friendly here and although Caesars went to a drink ticket system some time ago, free drinks are still pretty easy to get here – especially when betting on horse racing. The Caesars Palace Race & Sports Book still attracts big crowds and is worth visiting if you are in town, but an upgrade to the screens would catapult it back to the top half of the rankings.

9. Bellagio – The Bellagio sports book was the last major sports book on the Vegas strip that didn’t require drink tickets for complimentary refreshments – just sit at the sports books with your betting slips visible and order away. It was too good to last as the Bellagio now uses the drink ticket system. Still a lot to like here however. Drinks are all upgraded (imported beer and upgraded well drinks) and if it’s a morning espresso you prefer, you can order up a cappuccino – first class all the way and the cocktail service is excellent.

Bellagio Sports Book #9 -  The Iconic Leather Chairs of the Bellagio Sports Book

Bellagio Sports Book #9 – The Iconic Leather Chairs of the Bellagio Sports Book









The Bellagio sports book has high quality (although not the best) screens and also provides what may be the most comfortable sports book seats in all of Vegas. The oversized leather captain chairs have been in place since the Bellagio opened in 1998 and is now a well-known symbol of the sports book.

8. Planet Hollywood – The “Playing Field” Race & Sports Book at Planet Hollywood is a cool spot. With ample seating, quality screens, and a lounge vibe, this is a perfect example of the newer and smaller, yet sleeker Vegas sports book.

Planet Hollywood Race & Sports Book #8

Planet Hollywood Race & Sports Book #8







Drink tickets here are easy to come by – just ask when making a bet (I’ve found that tipping a buck or two here usually does the trick) and the ticket writers are typically very friendly. Another huge plus to this sports book is that it is located directly adjacent to The Earl of Sandwich. There aren’t many better “sports book food” type of establishments in all of Vegas and having “Earl’s” right next door is a definite plus as you can walk your food right over to your sports book seat. Good Stuff!

Earl of Sandwich - A few Steps from the PH Sports Book

Earl of Sandwich – A few Steps from the PH Sports Book









7.Aria – The ultra-hip Aria sports book has a lounge type feel with some of the best HD screens on the strip. This is a popular place and can get crowded on busy sports days as the limited number of couches and lounge chairs tend to fill up pretty quickly. That being said, this spot competes with any sports book in town in terms of its plushness and the overall cool factor.

Aria Drink Tickets

Aria Drink Tickets & Parlay Card









The ticket writers at the Aria sports book are friendly – and if you tip, the drink tickets will generally follow. The adjacent  Five50 Pizza Bar has received rave reviews and is worth checking out for gourmet pizza and varied draft beers.

#7 Aria Sports Book

#7 Aria Sports Book







6. Golden Nugget – The Golden Nugget Sports Book features a giant video screen that encompasses the full southern wall of the space. There is also a screen at every seat and additional flat screens throughout the sports book, giving the Golden Nugget the distinction of having more TVs per square foot than any other sports book in town. This means two things A) There are a ton of screens and B) The Golden Nugget Sports Book is on the small side, albeit larger than most other sports books downtown.

#6 Golden Nugget

The HD Screens & Oversized Comp Drinks at the Golden Nugget Sports Book #6










If you are a guest, Racing Forms are comped (getting harder to find comped Racing Forms these days) and you will have no problem getting drink tickets. Another big plus is the size of the comped drinks from the adjacent bar are the largest you will find at any sports book in town.If you are downtown, the Golden Nugget is a great choice.

5. Wynn – Classic and plush is what best describes the high-end sports book at The Wynn. This sports book serves both The Wynn and Encore properties and gets very crowded during March Madness and football weekends. If you are staying at either The Wynn or Encore, you can typically get a seat or two reserved if you arrive early and speak with the sports book host (a tip is usually a good idea).  The customer service here is great and even when the line to bet is long, it moves quickly as a sports book manager is usually at the front shepherding sports bettors to the next open window.

Wynn Sports Book - You Can't go Wrong Here

#5 Wynn Sports Book – You Can’t go Wrong Here








Free drinks are available and as in most spots, making a friend with a ticket writer and tipping some will get drink tickets thrown your way. Another thing that makes this sports book one of the top ten in Vegas is the food – Zoozacrackers Deli, located next to the sports book, will deliver your meal directly to your sports book seat. Tasty offerings at Zoozacrackers  is the ticket here as they have delicious deli style offerings that are perfect while watching the game. The Wynn sports book is one of the best in town.

4. SouthPoint – The customer friendly SouthPoint sports book is the only “off-strip” location (other than Downtown’s Golden Nugget) that makes our top ten list and for good reason. The SouthPoint sports book has two large areas separately dedicated to sports and horse racing. The Del Mar Lounge, located adjacent to the sports book, is a large space with tons of flat screens – a great spot to watch games in a lounge atmosphere while still being at arms length of the sports book.

#4 SouthPoint Sports Book

#4 SouthPoint Sports Book








The SouthPoint drink coupon policy is pretty loose and you can usually score plenty of them when you place multiple wagers. The aforementioned Del Mar Lounge takes drink tickets so you don’t have to wait, however the cocktail servers here are attentive.

The Del Mar Deli at the SouthPoint

The Del Mar Deli at the SouthPoint







Cheap food abounds as deli style offerings are available at the Del Mar Deli or you can opt for the 75-cent hot dogs, which are pretty tasty. Rates to stay at the SouthPoint are usually pretty reasonable and if you are a sports book fan, there should be no hesitation in spending a day of your Vegas trip here.

3. Lagasse’s Stadium – Lagasse’s Stadium is the most unique sports book in all of Las Vegas. Stadium style seating and a night club type of set up (without the music and strobe lights of course) is what you’ll find in this space, which used to house Jay Z’s 40-40 club. Emeril Lagasse’s creations are on the food menu and there is a wide selection of beers. On busy sports days, Lagasse’s sells out all of its tables (there is a food/beverage minimum upwards of $200 for March Madness on certain NFL Sundays) If you are the frugal type that prefers a light beer and a $1 hot dog while following that $20 parlay, this place probably isn’t for you.

Stadium Seating at Lagasse's Stadium at Palazzo

#3 Stadium Seating at Lagasse’s Stadium at Palazzo







As far as free drinks go, CG (Cantor) Gaming runs the sports book here so you are out of luck unless you are betting whale-type amounts on sports or horse racing. This is a classy place and certainly a sports book that you must check out at least once if you are in town and plan to catch some sports action.

2. Mirage – The sports book at The Mirage has emerged as the Strip’s best sports book for many reasons. Ample seating, friendly staff, loose drink tickets, and Sony 4K Ultra HD screens that were installed just prior to the start of March Madness in 2013. The Mirage is 25 years old and has the classic elegance of a traditional Vegas “Super Book” with its size and decor. That said, the modern screens and odds boards compliment the entire “vintage” layout that you will not see in any of the newer sports books around town.

The Mirage Sports Book

#2 Mirage Sports Book Ultra HD Screens










The Mirage sports book has areas dedicated to sports and horse racing directly adjacent to each other. On big sports days, get here early as the comfortable oversized lounge chairs in the sports book are usually snapped up pretty quickly. During the opening weekend of March Madness, you will find folks starting to form a line at around 4 am – a testament to the sports book’s appeal.

1. LVH Super Book – The LVH Super Book is the king among Vegas sports books for both locals and visitors alike. The largest sports book in the world contains spacious areas for both sports and horse racing with jumbo screens and giant digital LED boards listing odds for everything from NFL to MMA.

The #1 Sports Book in Las Vegas - LVH Super Book

The #1 Sports Book in Las Vegas – LVH Super Book









There is more than just the main sports book area at The LVH Super Book. The LVH Theater hosts Football Central  parties every NFL Sunday and for Super Bowl, the 1,500 seat theater is standing room only for what is the most popular free Super Bowl gathering in all of Las Vegas. March Madness? Same thing – opening weekend of the NCAA Basketball Tournament is also shown in the theater and the atmosphere is second to none.

Big Game Central at LVH Las Vegas

The 1,500 seat LVH Theater









While every other sports book in town has gone the drink ticket route, the LVH is still offering up your favorite drinks as long as you have your bet ticket visible. Service is generally good, even on busy sports days. If you prefer a smoke free environment, the Fan Cave, which is connected to the sports book is the choice. Lounge chairs and tables set up amongst three big screens and several other flat screens make this a great spot to sit back and enjoy the sports action.

The LVH Super Book Fan Cave

The LVH Super Book Fan Cave









The LVH is located off-strip, but easily accessible via the monorail or a short cab ride from most strip properties. The sports book staff here are some of the friendliest you will find in Las Vegas and Jay Kornegay, Vice President of Race and Sports Book Operations, is not just a guy that sits in a back room and posts numbers – Jay and his team provide a great customer experience. If you are a sports fan visiting Las Vegas, The LVH Super Book is a “must visit” during your time in town.

Thanks to all of you that have provided feedback via e-mail and social media. There were many factors that went into making this list and the feedback I received was a big part of it. This is the Top 10, however there are many quality sports books (Orleans, MGM, Mandalay Bay, Plaza, The newly remodeled Quad, and others) that did not make the list but are still plenty good! So explore the dozens of sports books in town as there is always something unique about each one.

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