Las Vegas Sports Book NFL Season Win Totals

Las Vegas Sports Book NFL Season Win Totals were posted at The LVH Super Book this past weekend. NFL fans visiting Las Vegas over the summer months have a chance to get some action down on the upcoming NFL season months before the first kickoff. Whether it’s laying a few bucks on the “Over” total of your favorite team or doing some handicapping and finding an NFL team that may over perform or lay an egg this upcoming season, it’s always fun to take a look at what Vegas thinks of NFL teams for 2014.

The Big Board at the LVH Sports Book in Las Vegas

The Big Board at the LVH Sports Book in Las Vegas











2014 NFL Season Win Totals – LVH Super Book Las Vegas 

CARDS      7.5    OVER -120   UNDER EVEN

FALCONS       8.0    OVER -130   UNDER +110

RAVENS        8.5    OVER -120   UNDER EVEN

BILLS         6.5    OVER -130   UNDER +110

PANTHERS      8.0    OVER -130   UNDER +110

BEARS         8.0    OVER -140   UNDER +120

BENGALS       9.0    OVER -135   UNDER +115

BROWNS        6.5    OVER -150   UNDER +130

COWBOYS       8.0    OVER -110   UNDER -110

BRONCOS      11.0    OVER -140   UNDER +120

LIONS         8.0    OVER -150   UNDER +130

PACKERS      10.0    OVER -145   UNDER +125

TEXANS        7.5    OVER -145   UNDER +125

COLTS         9.5    OVER +130   UNDER -150

JAGS         4.5    OVER -150   UNDER +130

CHIEFS        8.0    OVER -120   UNDER EVEN

DOLPHINS      8.0    OVER +110   UNDER -130

VIKINGS       6.0    OVER +105   UNDER -125

PATRIOTS     10.5    OVER -135   UNDER +115

SAINTS        9.5    OVER -150   UNDER +130

GIANTS        7.5    OVER -135   UNDER +115

JETS          7.0    OVER -125   UNDER +105

RAIDERS       5.0    OVER +130   UNDER -150

EAGLES        9.0    OVER +115   UNDER -135

STEELERS      8.5    OVER -120   UNDER EVEN

CHARGERS      8.0    OVER -120   UNDER EVEN

49ERS        10.5    OVER -120   UNDER EVEN

SEAHAWKS     11.0    OVER -120   UNDER EVEN

RAMS          7.5    OVER -110   UNDER -110

BUCS          7.0    OVER -120   UNDER EVEN

TITANS        7.0    OVER -130   UNDER +110

REDSKINS      7.5    OVER +125   UNDER -145

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